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On my summer vacation, I did / will do / am doing:

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Spectacular travel or adventure of some kind
  2262 votes / 12%
Low-key travel or adventure of some kind
  4366 votes / 24%
Mostly spending time with a favorite hobby
  2729 votes / 15%
Drudgework (paid)
  3617 votes / 20%
Drudgework (unpaid)
  1767 votes / 9%
Do you mean "winter," you insensitive clod?
  2945 votes / 16%
17686 total votes.
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On my summer vacation, I did / will do / am doing:

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  • by swinferno (1212408) on Tuesday August 07, 2012 @10:05AM (#40904911)

    Visiting a few music festifals is my holiday this year....

  • I'm going to Italy for two weeks. I'm looking forward to it and I think that it will be great fun, but it doesn't seems that exciting to me. But if you're from outside of Europe I guess going to Italy pretty spectacular.

    • by xaxa (988988)

      I'm going to Italy for two weeks. I'm looking forward to it and I think that it will be great fun, but it doesn't seems that exciting to me. But if you're from outside of Europe I guess going to Italy pretty spectacular.

      But if you're from within Europe, "vacation" should be plural :-D

      I've been super-disorganised and only had two so far this summer^Wyear -- in both cases, a weekend music festival in another country + the rest of the week looking round that country. There's a third festival in a couple of weeks, but I've not yet planned to do much after it (it's just the other end of England though). I've got a week's holiday in China planned, since I'm going there for work in the Autumn. And that still leaves two weeks f

    • by jedidiah (1196)

      Going to Italy seems pretty low key regardless. It's not really that spectacular. It's not like you are crossing most of the known universe and meeting some great historical figure like Kublai Khan.

    • by mooingyak (720677)

      But if you're from outside of Europe I guess going to Italy pretty spectacular.

      For a few reasons, at least from my perspective. I live in Northeastern US, so everything in reasonable driving distance is relatively the same culturally speaking. Granted there will be differences from place to place, but the cultural difference between say New York and Boston isn't all that big from a global perspective. All the stuff I can reach with my car is going to be predominantly English speaking. Plus, the really really old historical sites around here max out around the 400 year mark.

      Now Ita

      • by dingen (958134)

        Now going to New York or Boston, *that's* pretty spectacular in my mind.

        • by mooingyak (720677)

          Exotic is a matter of perspective :)

          • I agree. When I went from a midwestern town to visit New York City, I discovered two ways to tell a visitor from a local: (1) If they actually pay attention to a traffic light, they're most likely visiting; and (2) if they're not rubbing their necks from looking up at the buildings, they're probably local...
            • by mooingyak (720677)

              Speaking as someone who currently works in Manhattan, what traffic lights?

            • by TheRaven64 (641858) on Wednesday August 08, 2012 @12:28PM (#40919277) Journal
              Manhattanites cross roads in a similar way to grazing beast crossing alligator-infested rivers. A few of them line up on the side until they start to block the sidewalk. Then they push the ones at the front into the road. If those ones survive, then the rest stampede. If not, then they wait until the cars are physically obstructed by the dead, and then clamber over them. This has caused some evolutionary pressure on automobiles in the city, resulting in the more successful ones growing spikes at the front.
  • by NettiWelho (1147351) on Tuesday August 07, 2012 @10:12AM (#40904981)
    Unpaid, 8 hours a day for 5 months as a part of a degree, no summer vacation for me.
  • Vacation (Score:5, Insightful)

    by anyaristow (1448609) on Tuesday August 07, 2012 @10:20AM (#40905065)

    What is this 'vacation' of which you speak?

    • Re:Vacation (Score:4, Insightful)

      by synapse7 (1075571) on Tuesday August 07, 2012 @11:49AM (#40906043)
      I've been tempted to mod some posts down out of jealously/spite/envy, I'm not sure which...
    • Re: (Score:2, Flamebait)

      by Bitmanhome (254112)

      America is so productive that Americans need to take a few weeks to months off every year to give the rest of the world a chance to catch up.

      • by billstewart (78916) on Tuesday August 07, 2012 @05:35PM (#40910405) Journal

        I've been at a large traditional US company long enough to have almost as much vacation as a young European, but given the costs of travel, the hostility of US air travel, and the uncertainties of the economy I don't actually want to spend it all on the road. So for the last few years my plan has been to take Fridays off all summer and go surfing or biking or build stuff at Techshop or see local attractions (San Francisco area's full of them.)

        Unfortunately this year the weather hasn't really cooperated - we've had good weather or hot spells during the middle of the week when work is busy, and lousy weather on weekends. Or there's been good weather inland and no surf at all, and the beach I usually go to has been closed for weeks due to bacteria :-) But we've gotten in a few nearby trips to watch the eclipse and the transit of Venus, and I'll go visit family over the holidays when the weather is bad here anyway.

    • by ackthpt (218170)

      What is this 'vacation' of which you speak?

      Indeed. June to August is work, work work! I get to goof off in late November for a few days and then around the end of the year.

    • Indeed. In order to take a vacation, you have to be employed. Just last year, I went from being unemployed to being retired, but I haven't had a vacation as such in years.
    • by Macgrrl (762836)

      Where I live, it's something that might happen in December/January. Today's forecast for Melbourne (Aust) includes rain, hail and possible snow in the surrounding ranges.

  • Rather unique hobby :) How many places does an amateur musician get to perform in front of 15000 people that came to see that type of show?
    • by ethanms (319039)

      I have a friend who used to run a local drum core, I've seen a few of their shows when they're in town and I'm consistently impressed with them, and the teams they were competing against... the cores do some simply amazing stuff out there, and yet the whole experience seems to be either underrated or not taken seriously by many people, they've either never heard of it or act like it's some sort of a side attraction to the main event.

  • Hunting trip... (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday August 07, 2012 @10:37AM (#40905233)

    Although I'll probably get flamed by a bunch of people who have no actual hunting experience, it is a great way time with family and nature. I don't do big trips to foreign lands, but am lucky enough to be able to travel a couple of hours in various directions and enjoy a wide range of hunting opportunities including big game(deer, black bear, moose), small game, upland birds, etc..

    I selected "low-key adventure" for the bear hunting trip, that will consist of a large amount atv riding and trail cam viewing, some general maintenance projects around the cabin, a little fishing, and hopefully successfully assisting the DNR with the only finacially viable bear population management strategy available.

    Any other hunters on slashdot?

    • by dohnut (189348)

      I used to hunt and I don't mind hunting/hunters. I'm not a fan of hunting purely for sport though. If you eat what you kill, don't trespass on private property, and treat the land, your weapon and your prey with respect then I think it's fine. No one who eats meat has a good reason to get indignant with a hunter if they follow those rules (IMHO).

      I will be taking 2 shorter vacations this fall. They both involve the outdoors but there won't be any hunting -- well, I'll do some fishing but that's generally

      • Re:Hunting trip... (Score:5, Interesting)

        by Bob the Super Hamste (1152367) on Tuesday August 07, 2012 @02:15PM (#40907847) Homepage
        I think you will find that a vast majority of hunters are the good types you describe, but unfortunately the only ones that people see are the bad ones. It is the few bad ones who leave trash all over the woods, poach, fire wildly, break the regs, clean the deer on the trail, shoot any critter that wander by and leaves them, etc that you hear about and see evidence of.

        One of the areas that I hunt by Lake Mille Lacs (county land) has about 10 people that hunt it and last year a new person started hunting there who is one of the problem hunters. It is public land so it is to be expected. There is a larger group (6 or 7) that hunt the north end of the property and my group (2 or 3) that hunts on the south end and we basically stay out of each others way. The new problem hunter decided to set up a little north (200 yards) of where my uncle usually hunts and all we heard was shooting, and it wasn't the one nice shot but a bunch of shots one right after the other. After a couple of days the noise stopped and I went to see if I could find this hot spot. I did find it and it was a hot spot simply because the ass hole was baiting with piles of corn and apples, illegal in Minnesota. He had put up a permanent post frame stand (not allowed on public land in this county), there were empty beer cans and food wrappers everywhere as well as 6 empty 50 lbs sacks of corn up in the stand. The worst was that there were 5 gut piles there so at least 3 of the deer were poached but it wouldn't surprise me if all 5 were. I called the DNR and they came out and took a look but as the hunter wasn't around there wasn't anything they could really do other than keep an eye on the site. I asked if I could tear down the stand and was told that it was abandoned property and I was free to do with it as I pleased. I cleaned up the area and on the last afternoon of the season thoroughly disassembled that stand and left a pile of cut and split lumber. I think I was most pissed because had the bad hunter not been there I possibly could have gotten a second deer as well as my uncle also possibly getting a second one. Yes they do get eaten, and I generally prefer a nice fat young doe to the big old tough buck for this reason.

        Bad hunters piss me off especially since I follow all of the rules and don't take questionable shots. Because of this I have not gotten deer several times as I had a really poor shot, or was waiting for legal hours. I didn't take a shot once even though it was only 10 minutes before legal hours and a car drove by and spooked the deer I had my sights trained on, and another time I all I could see was deer snout and deer butt with the rest obscured by trees. I probably could have taken the shot in both cases, gotten the deer, and gotten away with it but I choose not to. When I am out hunting you wouldn't know I was there except for the blaze orange sitting up in the tree and once I am gone you would only find foot prints in the mud. I police up my trash if I drop something and pick up my casing. I am amazed by the amount of trash I find out in the woods, especially along the road, my uncle and I are always hauling it out a bunch of it when ever we go out hunting.
    • by Loughla (2531696)
      For me, the year starts August 1.

      August 1 is the start of Illinois' squirrel season. You can say what you want about me being a hillbilly, but they taste quite good baked in a garlic butter brown sugar glaze, and hunting those little things is the most fun you can have when it's hot out. (I say hot out, because rabbit hunting is better, but it has to be really freaking cold for that).

      I spend most of my summer either practicing with my bow (for deer later), or target shooting with a .22, and counting down th

      • That glaze sounds awesome can you provide details? Also does it just cover the gameness of them or does it actually get rid of it like celery or vinegar supposedly do? I have had squirrel once and it was the toughest gameness thing I had ever had. I don't actively hunt squirrels but when I see one of those little red destructive bastards in the back yard I will shoot them so they don't get into the attic or siding of my house. Rabbits on the other hand I will eat and actively hunt as well as shoot when I se
        • by Loughla (2531696)
          Honestly, with squirrels, the best way to eat them is to bread them and pan fry them in butter. It's quick and delicious.

          For more exotic tastes - the glaze is 1 stick of butter, 4 minced garlic cloves and 1 cup of brown sugar. This recipe makes 1 squirrel, increase the butter and brown sugar accordingly to increase the number of squirrels. The garlic, though, you should add half as much more for each squirrel, so 4 cloves for one squirrel becomes 10 for two squirrels.

          To start, Preheat the oven to 350. Then

          • Sounds good. I didn't get the one squirrel I have eaten (a buddy did and carried it around for a couple of hours while deer hunting) so that is probably why it was so bad. I might have to cook some up the next time I go and plug them with the air rifle. The rabbits I get don't have the gaminess but then I think it is because they are garden and flower fed from the neighborhood as well as getting shot in the head. It sounds like the quality of meat really is dependent on the quality of the kill like it is wi
    • by Iskender (1040286) on Tuesday August 07, 2012 @03:25PM (#40908675)

      Any other hunters on slashdot?

      I don't hunt but I once heard about a guy whose password was hunter2.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday August 07, 2012 @10:55AM (#40905469)

    I think that's where a lot of resentment comes from with the long-term unemployed. I really think folks have in the back of their mind that the unemployed are taking benefits and having the time of their lives on the taxpayer and former employer's dime.

    Nothing could be further could be from the truth.

    First, there is no money to do those cool things. Sitting in front of the TV or computer gets old in about 3 days.

    Then there is the shame of being unemployed. Everyone looks at you like there's something wrong with you. Everyone - especially if you were a software developer.

    And to head off how folks "know" someone who is having the time of their life being long-term unemployed, I can tell you that they're just saying that to save face - with you and maybe with themselves. Because when enough people start implying or even explicitly saying that there is something wrong with you, you start to wonder. And then the despair sets in. To say, "I am having a really hard time getting a job." is almost like telling folks you're a drunk. But to say, "Hell yeah! I'm gonna ride the unemployment till it runs out!" with an attitude of sticking it the man, at least from my point of view sounds better than "I can't get a job no matter how hard I try." It's trying to fake that you're in control or give the appearance that you're in control.

    When decent hard working educated people can't get jobs, something is really fucked up.

    Oh, and all that bullshit that it's only folks with "worthless" degrees are having a hard time, well it's bullshit. I know quite a few folks with CS, engineering, nursing and other "marketable" degrees that are having horrible times getting work.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, there's something wrong with all of them. IF that were true, then WTF is going on with society?

    Actually what gets me is when my fellow peons take the sides of the folks who are causing all this. The folks who parrot the talking points of Wall Streeters and ex-Wall Street money guy Presidential candidates; and in the meantime, the folks they are defending are sticking it up their ass, too. Depending the your abuser. When I see some small business guy talk as if he's one of the billionaire owner class, I chuckle.

    Years ago, I was at a party with some Marine F-18 pilots and some were flight instructors. There was this C-172 pilot/instructor who was standing around and talking "shop" with the Marine Jet Fighter pilots. The Marines were really nice and polite, but they looked bored and they had this look of "WTF is this guy?!"

    You small business owners who talk like you're part of the billionaire class remind of the C-172 pilot trying to be part of the jet fighter crowd. If you and your little puny business got in the way those billionaires, they'd have one of their "wage slaves" crush you like a little bug and there wouldn't be a damn thing you could do about it. They'll bury you in legal fees.

    Going to cry myself to sleep, again.

  • I'll be spending 10 days in Greece. I'll be driving there and everything within driving distance is not particularly spectacular :)
  • Time again for a Sabbatical. 8 weeks of time off paid. In a nutshell. A little off grid living in a Motorhome with a few Geek Upgrades. Mainly Solar, Inverter, Flatscreen, Network (Sat dish Wifi extension), rear view camera, etc.

    Destination Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon.

    • by mlts (1038732) *

      A decent motorhome is always nice -- I plan to get a decent short class C [1] fairly soon. Once I do, I plan to do the solar panel upgrades, as well as a portable wind tower (something I can locate a little bit away from the rig for the best wind, but still get 400-600 watts from it... good enough to keep a battery bank charged when doing light inverter use.) I have a decent generator, but even the most quiet models are quite noticeable in an area where nobody else is around.

      I have a travel trailer which

  • Are we all students again? Some of us don't really get all summer off. I did start the summer with a week in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Otherwise, it's been the normal 9-5! Next vacation, not until Fall.

  • Hacker tourism, of course. I'll visit places and events of a technological nature.

  • I donated a Kidney so I marked "Spectacular travel or adventure of some kind" because I was able to travel to a different state, eat great seafood on teh coast (Before the operation). And the whole process from the actual operation to the recovery has been quite the adventure.

    I'd recommend everyone donate a kidney if healthy enough.

    And, no, I didn't wake up in a tub of ice. I did it willingly. :-)
  • We are just drudgeons. They work us and when they are done they throw us away like yesterdays jam.
  • living the life...a trip to vegas and a trip to nyc...but I plan to be pretty laid back in both locations.

  • Vietnam (Score:5, Interesting)

    by vinn (4370) on Tuesday August 07, 2012 @12:07PM (#40906265) Homepage Journal

    My wife and I took a cue from Top Gear and rode motorbikes across Vietnam a few months ago - 1100 miles from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. It definitely ranks in the top 10 list of scariest / harrowing / adventurous things we've done.

    It's healthy to step away from the keyboard for extended periods of time. We've had lots of conversations with people about the American fascination with work. So many people here in the US say things like, "but I can't go on vacation because I don't have enough time off". Bullshit. How many people have actually asked their employer for more time off than they get for a paid vacation? I'd encourage anyone wishing they could go on a long trip to just do it - ask your boss for extra time off, see if he'll be flexible letting you work weekends before and after to make up for paid time off. Or, worst case scenario, see what they think of letting you take unpaid time off.

    • by Cormacus (976625)

      Well, its interesting that you mention unpaid time off. I get two weeks, but I can take unpaid leave if I want. Problem is balancing that 'want' with the 'want' of paying all of my bills. A lot of people don't have the financial elbow room to take unpaid leave. Not to mention the realistic fear (esp in this economy, etc, etc) that if you take extra vacation you are simply showing your employer that he can live without you.

      The motorbike trip sounds awesome. Was language a barrier? How did you plan th

      • by vinn (4370)

        Language wasn't too much of a barrier. In the larger cities and tourist towns, English is spoken all over the place. Out in the countryside and some of the regular towns, there's little English spoken. However, if you're good with charades, you can usually get by. It helps to be able to count up to say, 100 (which is easy to learn.) They use a Latin alphabet, so you can read everything everywhere.

        Langauge is definitely interesting there. Like a lot of southeast Asia, English is seen as a ticket to a g

        • by Krneki (1192201)
          Thanks for sharing this with us.

          How much did you pay for the bikes? And did you sold them after the trip?

  • I'm American you insensitive clod! We don't get summer vacations. Also Cowboy Neil should be holding a BBQ....
  • I am a member of a three person department, that just got "right-sized" to two, because the salesforce isn't moving product. I'll be taking my first two vacation days next week (of three weeks available), having only used three floating holidays so far. Oh how I wish we could get unused vacation days paid out......
  • I had a nice vacation planned with the family to travel back home for a visit. However, the boss dithered and delayed until it was too late to get accommodations for the trip down. So I sent the family on the plane, while I stayed home with our elderly dog who can't fly. BIG strike 2 for this workplace. Might be time time to find myself a new boss.
  • I'm spending time with my hobby. Find me on the 10 Meter band, usually around 28.450-USB or 29.000-AM. I'll have a microphone in one hand, and a "cold 807" in the other.

  • Amusing timing on this question, as I just got back from running two weeks of summer camp for a Boy Scout troop(*) I volunteer for. 60+ people, 15 days. I slept for about 20 hours when I got home Sunday night.

    Backstory: A couple years ago, we took a hard look at the fact that we were taking 30 kids to camp each summer at the cost of $350+ a head, when we were spending less than that to run basic program the rest of the year. Scout camps are cheap compared to most other summer camps, but still, $350/person c

  • by tompaulco (629533) on Tuesday August 07, 2012 @01:16PM (#40907159) Homepage Journal
    There is not option for "I can't afford to go on vacation, you insensitive clod!" so I chose drudge work (paid). Unfortunately, the stupendously rising cost of living and the stupendously static salary has led to a situation where we can longer afford fancy luxuries like vacation, braces for my daughter, or even to pay my bills. This morning I notice that my bank account is overdrawn and I have not paid even one of this month's bills yet. It almost makes me want to quit my job. I mean, if I can't survive even while working, then I might as well quit and not be able to survive but having a lot more free time.
    • Where's the +1,000 "Im with you man." option? Same boat.

    • Provided you are skilled you might want to look at moving to Australia. We are not in recession, have a minimum wage and free basic healthcare. And 20 days paid vacation.

      Due in no small part to our mining boom we are actually importing temporary workers to fill jobs. I have a nephew working on the mines as a deisel fitter. $180k about to go up to over $200k if he resigns. He is under 30. Now the conditions are far from pretty, but not a bad port in a storm.

  • I have been on "vacation" for three months already. Lucky there is rowing and fishing to stop me from going insane (and starving to death).

  • So far I've competed in one of these races: [] and I'll be doing one of these next. []
  • If you think bird watching is boring, then look into bird banding. Anyone can do it if you get licensed, which just requires meeting the right people and getting a recommendation. This summer we're doing turkey vultures, which are vile, dirty, awful little creatures - but that doesn't make it less fun. They like to live in old barns.

    Other summers it's been red-tailed hawks, peregrine falcons, golden eagles, or even the lowly magpie. My father and I go out with a small team in rural Saskatchewan, armed with

  • Staycation (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Dins (2538550) on Tuesday August 07, 2012 @02:34PM (#40908079)
    My wife and I had a one week "staycation" this year. We each told work we were going out of state to a cabin so there's no way we would be bugged, then we stayed home, hung out around the house, swam in the pool, grilled, played video games, caught a local minor league baseball game and generally just relaxed. I’m surprised more people don’t do this more often. Fancy trips can be fun and exciting, but they’re usually stressful in their own right what with the planning, worrying about travel, etc. My wife said it might have been the best vacation she’s ever had and I completely agree. We’re doing it again next year.
    • by Macgrrl (762836)

      My husband and I usually go away each year for our anniversary (which also aligns with our back-to-back birthdays). This year we've decided to book into a luxury hotel in the city where we live, do a few good restaurants, the art galleries, museums, zoo, etc... that we normally can't find time to do in our weekly schedule.

  • What is a vacation?
  • It will suck but with benefits. Lot's of art show's,.

  • In Finland, unlike elsewhere in Europe, the vacation time is July. Essentially everyone is gone, and it can be pretty hard to get anything done (unless you work in a lighthouse). It's July probably because it's the warmest month, 20-30 C daily, and over 25 C is too hot for Finns to work anyway. In the rest of Europe, the vacation month is August, but here it's already dark in the night and temperatures drop to 15-20 C, less than the best for vacationing.
    • by Carewolf (581105)

      It is the same for all of Scandinavia and probably a good deal of Northern Europe. I guess vacation is in July in the North (when it is hot), and in August in the South (when it is not TOO hot) - though admittedly Fins seem a bit more extreme in their singleminded choice of the exact same holiday weeks. It is like a large plague wiped out entire cities, and Finland for a few weeks become a post-apocalyptic wasteland - unlikely the rest of the year when it pre-apocalyptic wasteland.

  • What summer vacation you insensitive clod?! I'm too busy working.

  • After essentially three years of unemployment I am now working two jobs with no benefits. (hence, no vacation time)

    Every vacation I've ever done whether employed or not has been done during the time of Northern Hemisphere summer. By design. When it is fun to play near home, I play near home. When the weather is cold and obnoxious, that's the time to fly away for an adventure in the tropics. Unless you are stuck working around the school schedules of the spawn or just can't wrap your head around the ide

  • A week hiking on the Colorado Trail.
    Five days in Iceland (Reykjavik area), including a trip down an extinct volcano core (
    A coupla days in and around Edinburgh, Scotland.
    Several days hiking on Ireland's Beara Peninsula.
    A week-long family reunion in Doolin, County Clare, Ireland. (My family).
    24 hours in Boston, Massachusetts, reunion with old friends.
    A week-long family reunion in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. (My wife's family).
    I checked the "spectacular" box. :-)

    (I don't

  • I spent a week camping with my wife and son on the shores of Lake Tahoe, out of range of any cell towers. My iPhone was a GPS receiver, star chart, and camera only. No phone, no email, no texts or tweets or even news.

    At one point, I did have to return to civilization for more ice, firewood and beer, and made the mistake of leaving my phone on. And my boss happened to call at that very time.

    "What is the status of your project? Is it ready to ship? What still needs to be done?" he asked. (It was a demo

    • by Macgrrl (762836)

      For a minute there I thought you said Lake Taupo []. We spent New Years Eve there a few years back, the worst sunburn I've had in well over a decade.


  • by Osgeld (1900440)

    We are not all children who fuck about all summer

  • I decided to try skydiving at the start of a comp-time vacation and was hooked from the first jump. I just got out of an AFF training program and have a couple of solo skydives to make before I find a coach and start checking off boxes toward my "A" license. There's been a load of wingsuit guys on every plane I've ridden up and several wingsuit instructors around, so once I get up to 200 jumps I might have to give that a try too. Looks like fun...
  • It takes months of hard work to prepare for, is in a rather inhospitable place, and doesn't even have free WiFi.

    What could be more relaxing?
  • Reading Slashdot counts as "adventurous," right?

    Nuts to all that dangerous rock-climbing and hiking stuff...!

  • My wife and I spent a day flying from Los Angeles to Budapest with a change of planes in Frankfurt (exceeded as the worst airport only by Kona). We then spent 15 days cruising up the Danube to the Main Canal and Main River then down the Rhine to Amsterdam, where we spent 2 extra days. Every day, the boat stopped for a tour of a local city (included in the cost of the cruise). We attended two concerts (one in Vienna) and visited three art museums. We saw many, many castles, cathedrals, and palaces. This

  • One trip for my mother-in-law's 80th birthday and another trip to see my mother (97 and in a nursing home). The second trip will be pretty melancholoy since I'll be working with my brother to get the house we grew up in ready to sell.


  • San Diego
    Lap of Lake Michigan

    Sports cars
    Sporting events

    Standard work
    Work for friends and family

    Visited snowy mountains in the Cascade range - that count for "Winter"?

  • My summer vacation will consist of going to the countryside with some friends this weekend, watching the Perseids, and getting drunk. Shall be enough.
  • Each of the past four summers I've taken a week-long road trip around the state of Michigan on my 50cc Genuine scooter (max speed 40mph), camping every night at state/national parks/forests. So far I've ridden the entire Michigan/Lake Michigan and Michigan/Lake Huron coastlines, crossed the Mackinac Bridge twice, visited every county in the Lower Peninsula, and all but 8 in the Upper Peninsula (planned for next year). It's inexpensive (I spent $50 on gas this year), and I get to really experience the terr

  • I love my job... it is fun, stimulating, meaningful work even if I do occasionaly need to go get a stick to beat the stupid out of people.
  • I can't say my vacation this year was "Disney Spectacular", but the plane tickets alone were so expensive that I'd have to say the trip was spectacular based on that alone. The rest of the trip was awesome too, but I figured I'd point out the economic bias to this poll.
  • Road trip on the 14th to Indianapolis to attend GenCon. Then ride my bike back through Oklahoma to visit family before tooling around New Mexico and western Colorado to then return home.

    Back in May/June, I took three weeks to ride to California (Monterey then to San Diego) to visit family then to Amarillo Texas before side tripping back to Denver and flying to Florida (Naples) for a family wedding.

    Heck, in September I'll have been at work for 5 years which kicks in an extra week of vacation for next year :D

  • My boss can't attend a yearly conference in Europe, so I am going in his place on the company dime. After the conference, I've arranged a week and a half to travel a bit.
  • So I wouldn't classify it as drudgework (although it is work). My wife found summer work, so I am handing the 3 kids and house.

    I'm doing a poor job as my wife still cleans when she gets home.

  • The economy sucks, so I work 7 days a week when possible, and have not had a vacation in over 8 years. For those out there worried about money, VACATION isn't a time when you can actually enjoy yourself because you don't go away for a vacation.

  • I'm not in school so I don't get "summer vacation", nor do I view summer as my only time to take a holiday. I work so much that I find it's easier to just smell the roses as I go along rather than picking specific times to stop. Helps me balance work/life a lot better and reduces the stress of having to find vacation accommodations during peak times when every idiot is trying to take off. Besides, an overly planned or expected vacation is usually no vacation at all. The spot trips and experiences through my
  • Two festivals (to babysit an Arduino-based art project I did with three non-techie photogs/designers) and after that I'll take the plane to Dublin, the bus to Galway, rent a bike and explore the Irish west coast for two weeks. On my own.

  • My dad and a mutual friend spent two weeks on motorcycles, touring the Southwest states. We have "adventure touring" bikes (I hate that description) and looked for back roads, dirt roads and out of the way spots. We camped every night, and every day was hundreds of miles of really fun riding. We'd pull into camp in the early afternoon, and have time to do some short hikes, or grab a cold beer and BS in the shade.

    My dad is 74, and still rides fast and goes camping. I hope I'm in that good of shape in 30 year

  • Spectacular adventure for me. It wasn't quite summer yet but in March and April I spent 23 days rowing my whitewater raft 270 miles through the Grand Canyon. It was epic!

  • What is this... "summer vacation" you speak of? Are we all in eighth grade building crappy HTML web sites and learning to make CSS div boxes again?

"I prefer rogues to imbeciles, because they sometimes take a rest." -- Alexandre Dumas (fils)


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