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My primary, active (vs. backup) local disk space is ...

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Between zero and 20 percent full
  1502 votes / 7%
Between 20 and 40 percent full
  2847 votes / 14%
Between 40 and 60 percent full
  4412 votes / 21%
Between 60 and 80 percent full
  4581 votes / 22%
Between 80 and 100 percent full
  5432 votes / 26%
More than 100 percent full
  749 votes / 3%
I don't use local storage, you insensitive clod!
  625 votes / 3%
20148 total votes.
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  • Don't complain about lack of options. You've got to pick a few when you do multiple choice. Those are the breaks.
  • Feel free to suggest poll ideas if you're feeling creative. I'd strongly suggest reading the past polls first.
  • This whole thing is wildly inaccurate. Rounding errors, ballot stuffers, dynamic IPs, firewalls. If you're using these numbers to do anything important, you're insane.
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My primary, active (vs. backup) local disk space is ...

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  • by Deltaspectre (796409) on Monday April 08, 2013 @12:08AM (#43388031)
    I took this to mean my main OS disk. The SSD is getting a little cramped though.
    /dev/sda1 83G 50G 29G 64% /

    /dev/sdc2 298G 252G 47G 85% /media/dspectre/Windows

    /dev/sdb1 699G 571G 129G 82% /media/dspectre/Steam

    NAS? 3.7T 1.1T 2.6T 29% /home/dspectre/Documents

    I initially voted 60-80, but maybe I should have voted 40-60. (The terrifying part is that the NAS is the closest thing I have to backups.)
    • / = 16% of 64GB
      /home = 68% of 1TB
      /media = 38% of 1TB

      So overall, about 50%...

    • It is certainly ambiguous for those with multiple machines; luckily, the backup disks were excluded.
      One servers at home has disks about 55% full, while the other is less than 20%. One desktops has disks about 60% full, while the other has them about 40% full. The laptops have disks which are 30% full and 40% full. I picked 40-60% as the poll option as it is sort-of representative, but it could have been trickier if the various machines all had widely different percentages.
    • by afidel (530433)

      Crashplan offers very reasonable rates for a family plan, as low as $8.96/month for up to 10 computers and they have clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can even continue to use your NAS since they support backups to local folders in addition to the cloud backup and you can even get the machines to cross backup each other for the most critical files. It took me a couple weeks to backup 160GB over a 1Mbps max upload connection so it's not very throttled at all unlike some of the other inexpensive servic

    • This... my / is on a 60GB SSD, and has maybe 5GB used. /home shares a 2TB drive with a 250GB Windows partition for gaming and a SWAP partition that never gets used except for hibernate. /home has about 50kB of conf files on it, and is otherwise empty. (gets used for ripping/xcoding DVD and BD... sometimes I'll queue up 20-30 discs and leave it for a few days to finish). The Windows partition has several games installed and is closer to 40-50% full at the moment. On my laptop, it's a 40GB SSD which also only

    • by kermidge (2221646)

      Yeah, same here - didn't read the question carefully enough.

      Boot drive with /home is 25% used; the rest of 3TB on other drives is around 65%. Gotta get some more storage.

  • They should have created at least 100 options, 0~1%, 1~2%, etc... the result would have been a nice gaussian curve
    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      by timothy (36799) Works for Slashdot

      Sorry -- the polling system is a bit clunky, and doesn't get the love we would like sometimes ;) There are 8 options, max, so we'll never get really smooth curves without a complete overhaul ;)


    • It's already (currently 193 votes) looking pretty Gaussian, with the peak at "60 to 80 percent full", which is what I would expect, owing to Parkinson's law -- "Storage requirements will increase to meet storage capacity".
      • I'm seeing a linear trend towards the "80-100". Tells me that budgets are tight, people are buying storage as and when they absolutely require it, not because they're planning ahead. Am I right?

        • Re:Gauss is back (Score:5, Insightful)

          by ibwolf (126465) on Monday April 08, 2013 @08:14AM (#43389949)

          Or perhaps people don't bother deleting stuff they no longer need until they start to run out of space.

          • by aclarke (307017)
            Yep, this is it for me. I just copied a 550GB Aperture library to another drive to test something, just because I can. I didn't bother deleting it, just because I don't have to, and because I'm kind of lazy. When I start running low on disk space, I delete extraneous files and/or buy more drives. In the last week I've purchased a 2TB and 3TB drive, but they're for backups and therefore don't count in the survey.
            • by aclarke (307017)
              Huh, oh yeah, plus a 480GB SSD to replace the full 120GB SSD in my laptop. Anyone want to buy a 6G 120GB OWC SSD?
      • So you might have thought, but I've only just managed to fill just under 40% of this disk after several years' use.

        Perhaps it's because I don't fill my disk up with tens of gigabytes of stolen porno movies?

        • Perhaps it's because I don't fill my disk up with tens of gigabytes of stolen porno movies?

          Tens of gigabytes??? Where have you been? They have HD porno these days. You can easily fill a few hundred gigs at HD resolutions. :)
          Plus we all know everything is better in HD.

      • We always quote it as "the more disk space you have, the more porn and piracy you save"
        • by KGIII (973947)

          I personally found this to be true. This also relates to the increase in bandwidth - the more I have, the more I'll make use of. The latter being especially true though and the first has actually dropped off. I'm at about 20% full and I've had this drive for a little over a year. I simply don't download nearly as much as I used to, I've already downloaded all the movies and music I wanted. These days I don't even normally download those, I simply stream everything. So, it was true for me for a very long tim

  • 112% (Score:5, Funny)

    by Artea (2527062) on Monday April 08, 2013 @01:03AM (#43388331)
    I have to swap out 3.5" floppy disks on the fly to launch my OS.
    • by Kittenman (971447)
      I had a pal who used to use Zip disks for just that sort of thing. I think Zip advertised themselves as 'endlessly increase your storage space'. Or some such. You just have to remember what zip disk you used for the icon you're about to click. And put up with the delay... but if we're in the era of zip, we're in the era of low expectations anyhow. And thank god for that - that's when I met my now-wife :)
  • So I took a look - 11 gigabytes used, 17.3 available.

    Of course if this was a Surface I'd be out of room!

  • . . . a quote from Ken Thompson.

    • by gigaherz (2653757)
      A full disk is not very efficient. If the data is read-only, by all means, keep it full and organized so that the file-system structures are optimal. If you want constant read AND write efficiency, you don't WANT to go over 80% full, as the file-system structures get inefficient. I recall from databases class at uni the teacher mentioned that a database is at it's optimal state when it's approximately 60% full. I don't know how it relates to HDDs, though.
      • I would go up to something like 98% instead of 80%. It's just too much to throw 20% of the capacity of you bought away, and 2% is still plenty of free space in modern large HDDs.
        • by afidel (530433)

          No, we notice a slowdown once you pass ~90% full and another significant one when you pass ~95% full. Perhaps it's just that the IOPS/GB of active data gets too high when we get to that full but it's pretty noticeable on the performance graphs.

  • by Anonymous Coward insensitive cloud!

  • by mjwx (966435) on Monday April 08, 2013 @02:49AM (#43388807)
    I dont use disks you insensitive cloud.
    • re: I dont use disks you insensitive cloud.
      Mean insensitive cloud storage, bad cloud! I dont use disks either, just USB flash drives for me. I use knoppix as a live-boot distro from usb on a 16-GB stick with 4.2 GB used up for the main OS and about 3 GB used up for an "overlay" using the UnionFS [] Union File System used by knoppix to overlay the compressed "knoppix" disk image with the extra applications I downloaded like Octave and Blender and a few other small toys like pente and xgalaga. Then, data f
    • by AK Marc (707885)
      I named my USB backup drive "cloud". Sounds better than naming it "longsword".
  • My gaming computer is about 90% full because I'm holding out for the new 2tb hybrids from Seagate. But I wouldn't call it my primary computer because I only fire it up when I want to play games or gather information. Pretty much nothing but games stored on there. My main laptop (and primary computer) is about 70% full but that's because I keep a bunch of movies and TV shows on it so I have something to watch when I travel. Without that, it'd be around 20%. My phone is around 80% for reasons similar to

  • Video library (shared RAID box (3x2TB, one volume)): 352GB/5.43TB
    Music library (same box, different stack (2x1TB, 1 volume)): 359GB/1.81TB
    Document Library (same box, yet another stack (4x250GB, 1 volume): 265GB/931GB

    ...and a pile in another box for ISO image storage (4x500GB, 4x300GB, 4x250GB, 3 volumes): 280GB/4.03TB

    *Local* local storage: 66.9GB/465GB

    Not counting the three desk drawers full of drives that add up to something like 34TB, that I'm looking to transfer out to either massive storage like a few 4

  • I am running on two drives in a RAID-array under RAID 0 ( striping only, for the performance boost ). Should I take the total volume of information I have persisted on the system and divide this by the sum of the 2 drives' capacity ( which seems the naive way to go ) ? Or should I factor in the fact that I, being an insensitive clod, should definitely go RAID 1 ASAP, in which case I should take the capacity of only 1 drive into account, which would double my percentage..... ? Ahhhh, these existential dilem
    • by rwa2 (4391) *

      Dude, just use df

      I could never decide which RAIDlevel I wanted to use either, so back in the day I had split up 4x 250GB drives into several partitions and used different levels of SW RAID as appropriate:

      / : 20GB RAID10 /home : 200GB RAID5 /tmp : 20GB RAID0

      I did it more for performance than redundancy, though. But I did survive through a physical disk failure once.

      Nowadays my server runs on a little ION box, so I don't have enough SATA ports to do anything interesting... just have a small SSD for the OS

  • At least I have never run out of space for my important documents... []


    • by RussR42 (779993)
      Hm. It claims eSATA speeds on the side, has no eSATA port. Most external drives have a light on them, I see no evidence that that rigged one up. The big reason to stay way from this drive is that it has the wrong type of usb connector. I'm dismissing some other strangeness as poor translation, i.e. "Samsung HDD inside". Any other clues I missed?
    • by iggymanz (596061)

      ah, it's a Write-Only-Memory (WOM). I'm pretty sure it also is called a Write-Only-No-Getting (WONG) device, because when you call the support number in China to complain they say "you have WONG number!"

  • My SSD is about half full, and that's not counting the partition I swear I'll get a Linux install on one day. Meanwhile, my hard drive is about 90% full, not counting the Windows recovery partition.

    Totals up to almost exactly 85% utilization. I'm trying to delete some excess stuff from the hard drive, but I keep downloading more to replace any space I free up.

  • I just reached 90% full on my drive a few weeks ago, so I upgraded to a shiny new disk and now I'm at 0-20% full.

  • I don't use local storage, you insensitive cloud!
  • by Lumpy (12016) on Monday April 08, 2013 @08:50PM (#43396897) Homepage

    I use compression :-)

  • by fa2k (881632)

    My primary disk is a 5-disk array (with 2 SSD cache devices!). About 4 TB free. I had a RAID10 setup with four disks before, but it was getting close to full. 8 TB is overkill, but it was just a matter of adding a single drive. My backup disk is only 1 TB, so much of what I have are files that can be re-generated, or which have copies in other places. Also TV recordings. My *secondary* active disk a 500 GB hybrid disk in a laptop, and it's above 80 %. Tertiary active disk is the app storage on the Android p

  • I don't store much stuff locally. Sure, I have a few things I need on my hard drive, including source files for my open source software projects. But my (few) documents and email are in Google. (Yes, I know ... but it's so easy.) On a 25GB /home partition, I'm using 6.7GB (29%). That would be less than 20% if you don't count the Fedora XFCE liveCD install image in my Downloads folder.

  • Are we measuring internal volume only? Or the volume of the whole drive-bay space? The case seems to occupy much of the space in the drive bay, I'd say 80 percent. But the drive's case is mostly empty, the platters don't seem to fill up much of the case to allow space for the arms, maybe 30 percent of the space being filled. And if you were to open it up and use Archimedes method to work out the volume of the parts, then contrast that with the drive-bay volume, by that measure you'd have even less space fil

  • I use Punch Cards!

  • My C: drive (65GB) is 89% full, but the main data storage drive(1TB) is only 11% full
    I also have an SSD (120GB) that still has 110 gigs free -any new programs I install will go here

    But I also have a 750Gig USB3.0 external drive, and a 32GB fjashdrive connected all the time.
    Both less than 10% full

  • robert@debian:~$ df

    Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on

    /dev/sda1 73052684 5186132 64155616 8% /

  • Wild, I never expected these poll results to look like a progress meter.

    du -h


  • I just have a bunch of chinese kids memorize sequences of zeros and ones

  • by sootman (158191)

    60-80% on my primary, thanks to a neverending parade of additional drives. :-|

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