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Bioware Releases Neverwinter Nights Linux Client Beta 335

Posted by timothy
from the but-it's-only-spring-first dept.
valedaemon writes "Well, I thought that the world would end before this day dawned, but Bioware has finally made good on its promise of a Linux client for Neverwinter Nights. You still need a Windows installation in order to copy the game data, but the good news is that the downloadable is only 4.4 MB. I could write more, but why? Go play!"
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Bioware Releases Neverwinter Nights Linux Client Beta

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  • by aldjiblah (312163) on Thursday March 20, 2003 @06:39PM (#5561009)
    I paid for NWN, and was immensely disappointed.

    Gone were the tactical combats with different party members complementing each other, which I had so loved in Baldur's Gate and other titles.

    NWN is nothing more than a 3d diablo hack'n'slash clickfest as it stands now. The storyline isn't bad but the game as a whole is nothing I'll ever play again or buy sequels to.

    Why oh why did they give up the winning formula from the earlier titles!?

  • Is it just me? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Mac Degger (576336) on Thursday March 20, 2003 @06:40PM (#5561015) Journal
    Or would this be so much more interesting if it read: "windows NWN install disks still required".

    Not to troll, and kudos to the dev for doing this, but I mean this still relies on someone having paid the MS tax to play the game.
  • "I no longer use unlicensed software"

    Turned 30, didn't ya? ;)
  • by instantkarma1 (234104) on Thursday March 20, 2003 @06:51PM (#5561101)
    Or, perhaps the game developers could just refrain from promising to deliver what they can't.
    Crazy thought..I know....

  • by aber (141743) on Thursday March 20, 2003 @06:54PM (#5561134)
    From the client download page (get the link from head post): You will need to get the Neverwinter Nights game resouces from an existing Windows installation of the 1.29 build of Neverwinter Nights. Why must it be this way, you ask? It is because there is no feasable way to get the game resources from the InstallShield cabinet files on the Windows version CDs.

    What a bunch of idiots... These retards take almost a full year after the release to come up with the Linux client (that they told everyone would be ready for shipping with the cds), and then this. Why should anyone put money in such a half-assed effort like this? Guess what, in the end few Linux users will buy this crap, and those morons will go: "told ya, shouldn't have invested time in the Linux market, Linux is not there yet."

    *sigh* bastards....
  • How about you go out and buy the game? I would imagine no where on earth will it cost more than 35-40 dollars.

    And if you don't have 35-40 dollars, and can't get it, then you shouldn't get to play the game. I can't afford a dodge viper..but I'm not about to go down to the dealership at 3am and liberate one.
  • by chrisseaton (573490) on Thursday March 20, 2003 @06:58PM (#5561170) Homepage
    I agree - it's kind of like saying you don't want to use roads, and demmanding that car manafactures design you a car that flies because you refuse to pay road tax.
  • by Len (89493) on Thursday March 20, 2003 @07:05PM (#5561227)
    They told the same lie as every other game company, namely that the game was finished when they shipped it. I stopped believing that one a few years ago, and "the Linux client is almost done" didn't sound much different to me.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday March 20, 2003 @07:07PM (#5561250)
    It's actually rather doubtful that you will be "blowing" any karma at all, because quite honestly I do not believe any moderators care about your unsupported, unwarranted, childish rantings.

    Are you saying that consumers do not have a right to express their wants, opinions, and wishes to a company, or more than likely a company with whom these customers already have an existing business relationship? It very much appears that this is what you are saying.

    Are you some how seriously disadvantaged by this release? Are you hurt by it?

    No? Well, perhaps you should inform the developers , producers, and publisher how very concerned you are for them, and how certain you are that they have made a horrible decision.

    I'm sure they will be tremendously grateful not only for your appreciation of their effort, but also for your humble willingness to impart to them your unspeakable wisdom.

    You sir, truly are a god among men.
  • by daVinci1980 (73174) on Thursday March 20, 2003 @07:23PM (#5561354) Homepage
    Well, I thought that the world would end before this day dawned

    Now that's the way to get more developers to release products for linux. Make fun of those that do.
  • by ChaosDiscord (4913) on Thursday March 20, 2003 @07:27PM (#5561370) Homepage Journal
    Do you actually need to have windows installed, or can you just copy the files from some other installation, or maybe from the game CD?

    You need the data files for Neverwinter Nights. Windows itself is not needed, but getting those files without Windows might be tricky. The easiest source is to copy the files from an existing installation of the Windows version. You can try to get them off the game CD, but they're in proprietary InstallShield cab files. There are tools that claim to be able to extract from those files, but I don't know how well they'll work in this case. Wine might be willing to run the installer.

  • by nortcele (186941) on Thursday March 20, 2003 @07:55PM (#5561562) Homepage
    They told the same lie as every other game company
    You know it! Marketing/PR folks tell you what you wish to hear. To them, that is not lying. It is either a means of making a sale, or getting you off their back. There are only truths and and half-truths in the marketing world. The sooner one realizes this, the better.
  • by LDoggg_ (659725) on Thursday March 20, 2003 @08:04PM (#5561620) Homepage
    If you want the installer to be completely native then you'll need to reverse engineer the install shield 6 cab extractor.

    Mine and ravage's installers both use i6comp + some temp wine crap to deal with disc1.
    Disc2 is another story, someone in the nwn forum reverse engineered bioware's own archive format(.bzf) used on that CD.
    Disc3 isn't archived.

    If you want to create your own installer, be aware that Bioware can't legally use it anyways.

    They are bound by an installshield End user license agreement to not create an installer other using tools other than InstallShield's to do the cab extraction.
  • by yoshi_mon (172895) on Thursday March 20, 2003 @08:22PM (#5561756)
    ...we've never had such fun with NWN. We tried it. Played into the second chapter.. and it was just so incredibly boring.

    If you base what NWN is by playing just the OC then your missing the point of NWN. Try fireing up the toolset and seeing what it can do. Or failing that, download some of the modules that have been made with it.

    While you can play the OC multiplayer, that is not what it is designed for. A well made MP module is far superior to the OC, and when you add a live DM (or several), then you reall begin to understand what NWN can be about. Of course if you have allready made up your mind then don't bother. But suffice to say that many in the RPG community find that NWN allows much more than the orignal poster gives it credit for.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday March 20, 2003 @08:31PM (#5561830)
    Gee, the meaning isn't to play the game?

    You mean it's really to push some lame geek ethics theory?

    Oh. Well, it's also morally incorrect to write with your left hand. So writing is pointless if it's done with the left hand. Totally pointless. All those left handed authors are just devil spawn who don't see the light.

    Just wanted to let you know.
  • by Tom (822) on Thursday March 20, 2003 @08:37PM (#5561879) Homepage Journal
    Let me check. If I had a windows install, wouldn't I be playing that since last year and not care much about the Linux client?
  • by Bagheera (71311) on Thursday March 20, 2003 @08:59PM (#5562002) Homepage Journal
    Actually, no, it's not meaningless to release it in Binary with no source. Yes, Open Sourcing the game would be cool, but it's a commercial product and they have reasons for keeping a reign on the client software. There are known compatibility issues between clients and servers of different revs. Open source would make that issue alone a nightmare. Never mind the potential for cheating.

    Nope. Sorry. While there's a coolness factor in playing with the source, it won't make the game better for the majority of players.

  • Not really late.. (Score:4, Insightful)

    by palp (90815) on Thursday March 20, 2003 @10:02PM (#5562331) Homepage
    Lots of people are complaining that this is too late, and that they should have released a linux client with the box, and so on, and so forth..

    But the fact is, the game wasn't done when it came out. You can hardly blame them for not having a linux client ready when nothing else was, either. It was very obviously pushed out the door incomplete.

    For instance, the HUGE faction bug was just fixed, last week. I bought the game the day it came out, and have barely played it due to this bug. Now that it's fixed (along with a host of other problems, and new content, like rats, that should have been in there from the beginning) the game is where it should have been when it was released.

    I'm not blaming the developers, of course, as that's the state of the industry. Games are pushed out before they're ready all the time. This is just another instance of that, and it's admirable that they're still working hard on a Linux client that they will probably see very few sales as a result of (most people who are going to play it on Linux probably already own it).

  • by 0x0d0a (568518) on Friday March 21, 2003 @12:09AM (#5562928) Journal
    There is one good reason. Linux has truly piss-poor support for binaries. A Windows binary will keep working for years. A Linux binary will be broken within two or three years.

    Try running installing Immortals of Kohan and running the updater with glibc 2.3 installed. Segfault!

    To be fair, this is really a Linux issue, not a NWN issue, but it still means that you may not be able to play the game in a few years.

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