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Games Entertainment

In Search of the Digital Uberdevice 176

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the it-could-happen dept.
Decaffeinated Jedi writes " offers up an in-depth three-part article discussing the game industry's race to develop an all-in-one digital 'uberdevice' to combine gaming, television, computing, and other consumer technologies in a single box. The article looks at the past, present, and future of such trends, arguing that these developments in the world of home gaming consoles 'could have multibillion-dollar consequences for industries as diverse as computing, consumer electronics, entertainment and communications, while redefining household entertainment.' Of course, the article also concludes by noting the fact that consumers have thus far shown relatively little interest in adopting such all-in-one convergence boxes. Could constantly improving technology, the ongoing exodus of young males from primetime television, and a revitalized marketing push turn the tide, or is the search for an 'uberdevice' just hype?"
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In Search of the Digital Uberdevice

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  • So Basically (Score:4, Informative)

    by Hal The Computer (674045) on Sunday December 14, 2003 @12:31PM (#7717121)
    Basically, they take a computer and add a decent video card that lets you hook up a TV cable.
    Bam, TV, computer, and games(computer).
    So where are my "multibillion-dollar consequences"?
  • I hate uber devices (Score:5, Informative)

    by Alien54 (180860) on Sunday December 14, 2003 @12:34PM (#7717156) Journal
    Having worked in repair shops, I dislike all in one units.

    for example, with a TV/VCR or DVD combo, if the player goes, you also lose use of the TV if you get it fixed

    Also, many all in one units employ certain engineering design choices that make them much cheaper to manufacture, and much harder to repair in general, precisely due to the feed back loops between the devices. You see this especially on the cube shaped audio units, but I don't think it changes much for TV units.

    even with a hi-end name on them, I can't help but think of them as junque.

    I would rather have a HDTV unit with a svga plug on it, vs a combo unit.

  • by Dr Reducto (665121) on Sunday December 14, 2003 @01:07PM (#7717469) Journal
    The Phantom by Infinium Labs seeks to do this. The scope of it was originaly a console, but evolved into a DRM'd PC that will likely have PVR, Games by Download, Movies+Music by download, and much more. Fortunately, they avoided what you said by offering HDTV support as a substitute for VGA or DVI.

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