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Sega On Western Games, Samurai Jack, Astro Boy 14

Posted by simoniker
from the the-sonic-philharmonic dept.
Thanks to GameSpy for its interview with Makoto Osaki of Sega-AM2, in which the Japanese director of projects discusses Western videogames he's been trying out ("I enjoyed Max Payne a lot. I've only played the PS2 version, though. I also enjoyed Ghost Recon and SOCOM a lot"), before noting the uncertain possibility of the arcade-based Out Run 2 making a U.S. Xbox appearance ("You could probably just rent the games, play them a bit until you're done, say 'That was fun,' and take them back'), and mentioning the inevitable Virtua Fighter 5 ("It will be what fans expect - a one-on-one fighting game.") Elsewhere, GameSpot has a preview of the Sega-published Samurai Jack, as this GC/PS2/Xbox title, "reminiscent of Capcom's Maximo games, albeit with a more over-the-top feel", is officially announced, and 1UP confirm that a Sega-made Astro Boy game is coming to the West, in PS2 and GameBoy Advance flavors.
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Sega On Western Games, Samurai Jack, Astro Boy

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