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EA Announces Battlefield 2, Console Versions 32

Posted by simoniker
from the let's-battle dept.
Thanks to GameSpy for its interview with Electronic Arts exec Scott Evans regarding the official announcement of a PC sequel to the popular team-based FPS, Battlefield 1942, hot on the heels of the recent news of a separate PlayStation 2-based follow-up, Battlefield: Modern Combat. This title is "bringing modern-day warfare to the series as well as a completely new engine", and Evans notes: "Each side will bring military hardware to the battle appropriate to their nationality. For example, the Chinese forces have a really cool mix of Soviet and homebrew technology that much of the world knows nothing about." He ends by addressing bias concerns: "It's important to remember that Battlefield is politically neutral... It's not just a game about the U.S. versus a Middle Eastern coalition."
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EA Announces Battlefield 2, Console Versions

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  • Really? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by FeetOfStinky (669511) on Tuesday April 20, 2004 @02:40PM (#8920776)
    "It's important to remember that Battlefield is politically neutral... It's not just a game about the U.S. versus a Middle Eastern coalition."

    Maybe not, but you can be pretty sure that most of the mods will be.

    • I've heard that the console version of Battlefield is being developed by Trauma Studios, the creators of the wildly popular BF1942 mod Desert Combat [desertcombat.com].

      Desert Combat has a U.S. versus Middle East theme.

  • by Torgo's Pizza (547926) on Tuesday April 20, 2004 @02:50PM (#8920893) Homepage Journal
    "For example, the Chinese forces have a really cool mix of Soviet and homebrew technology that much of the world knows nothing about."

    Hey, if that homebrew technology is as tasty as eggdrop soup or Kung Pao Chicken then I'm ready for a wok on the wild side.

  • by sideshow (99249) on Tuesday April 20, 2004 @02:54PM (#8920945)
    Desert Combat [desertcombat.com] is a BF1942 mod built by a bunch of people that surpasses the gameplay of the original by miles. Since DC is so much better then vanilla BF1942 EA hired those people and now they are working on the new game. CS has the same type of history.

    EA mentions the Middle Eastern thing because DC had the Americans fighting the Iraqis.
    • .. you should also notice how TF2 has turned into a forever product and counter strike: condition zero took quite a while to get out too(after moving to another team few times even? can't remember that well).

      just hope that they get the thing out and get something new to it..

      • Its usually because amateur modders just code in stuff without conventions and when they want to, but professional developers need design documentation, requirements documentation, a full testing environment, full planing doc, coding conventions, etc... implementation is a small part of a large project. That's why condition zero took so long to come out.
  • For example, the Chinese forces have a really cool mix of Soviet and homebrew technology that much of the world knows nothing about.

    So in other words : "We're going to use the Chinese side to put outrageous ideas and weapons into the game and hope the public doesn't realize theres no such thing as a dual cannon tank that fires depleted uranium tank rounds or a light vehicle armed with a giant gatling gun mounted on it with unlimited rounds while maintaining unerring accuracy to shoot both ground and air ta

    • Yeesh. Talk about trolling a moot point.

      While similarities are going to be drawn between the Generals and Battlefield 2 "setup," they are made by two different studios (EA Pacific and DICE, respectively) despite having the same publisher (EA).

      Generals never laid claim to being a "realistic" RTS. The Battlefield series never claimed to be a "realistic" FPS, either. With the exception of being in an actual world setting (Generals even claims to be set in the near future to include the more fictional/exot
      • And yes, I did check the Generals, BF1942 and BF:V feature pages on their respective websites to verify the statements (or lack thereof) regarding realistic gameplay.

        Gameplay? No, content.

        Comanches? Yes, that was being developed in real life, with the same name. RPGs, AK-47s, Flashbangs, Armor Piercing bullets, Technicals, Patriot Missle System? Yes, yes, and more yes'es. All real life things. Bomb Trucks, Terrorists, and Tunnel Networks? Again yes.

        I never said they didn't try to make realistic gamepla

  • No more DC? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Lord_Dweomer (648696) on Tuesday April 20, 2004 @11:23PM (#8925565) Homepage
    Ok.....I play bf1942 WAAAY too much, mostly DC. Since EA brought these guys on board, does that mean I will no longer be able to download DC for free?

    Knowing EA, those bastards are probably looking for a way to charge for it.

  • There are several nice features to BF-Vietnam that are not in DC. For instance, the helicopter controls are much improved for newbies in Vietnam, whereas it is almost impossible to fly them in DC (without lotsa practice). I think you'll see the BF-series moving towards DC, as my clan has since we discovered it. Doesn't hurt we're mostly real military and like shouting "Yalla, Yalla, Yalla!" at each other too :). I'll admit also that the game isn't... realistic. There is definitely some balancing to be done
  • This is the second popular game I know of that features China as protagonist to the USA. The first being Command and Conquer Generals (ok, so Harpoon had scenarios with China too, but I did say popular and that was more wargaming).

    Whilst I can laud the reality based imagination of the writers in finding the largest army in the current world, I don't like the way the lines in the sand are being drawn up.

    We have already had Bush's Axis of Evil (not dictatorship or human right abuses but downright Evil), but
  • It would really be nice if BFMC takes advantage of the current craze of the BF community and allows for a complete moddable game on the Playstation 2 (of course only if the player's computer has the built in hard-drive).

    This would bring a first to the consoles: modification development for a console game. That hard-drive should be used for something, so how about making your mark known and actually allow us to do this?

    Desert Combat was such a craze on the BF1942 engine, BFV is great on the PC, why not

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