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Role Playing (Games)

FFXI Problems Fixed / Looking to Future 20

Posted by Zonk
from the chocobo-feeding-and-care dept.
An Anonymous Reader alerted us to the fact that the FFXI connectivity issue reported earlier has been resolved. They finally acknowledged the issue and changed the ports used to collect and send data. Meanwhile, with the recent introduction of the game into Europe and the release of a new expansion, gamesindustry.biz sat down for an interview with FFXI producer Hiromichi Tanaka.
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FFXI Problems Fixed / Looking to Future

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  • by sdhankin (213671) on Tuesday October 05, 2004 @03:24PM (#10443215)
    No, you only have to buy a new box if you cancelled your free, no-monthly-fee, PlayOnline ID. If you cancelled your Content ID (the thing you pay $12.95/month for), you can buy a new one any time.

    Some advice: SE doesn't pro-rate your Content ID purchase, so whether you buy it Oct 1st or Oct 31st, you'll still pay $12.95 for October. The cost-conscious will reactivate now, or wait until November 1st.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday October 05, 2004 @06:56PM (#10445609)
    This information got removed from my post, but - the reason the port was being blocked was because it was port 25, SMTP.

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