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Will Wright's Next Game: Spore 41

Posted by Zonk
from the it's-growing! dept. has a look at Will Wright's newest game, revealed today at the Game Developer's conference. Entitled Spore, the game promises to be (in a word) unique. From the article: "Wright's latest creation spans the rise of a space-faring civilization from its humble beginnings in the primordial soup. 'It's actually a lot like WarioWare...It features a wide variety of game types as a sort of homage to my favorite games.'" PC Magazine has details as well, as does Gamasutra.
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Will Wright's Next Game: Spore

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  • by game kid (805301) on Friday March 11, 2005 @11:47PM (#11917021) Homepage
    Given the popularity of The Sims and the impressive level of polish and humor customary in Wright's work, Spore clearly has amazing potential to become every bit as huge as its predecessor. (And as entertaining -- when your primitive creature mates, the deed is accompanied by romantic guitar and saxophone music.)

    I hope that doesn't mean the more conservative protozoa will try to give it an AO rating.

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