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Half-Life 2 Taken Seriously 12

Posted by Zonk
from the no-seriously dept.
Gamasutra's coverage of the Serious Games Summit has more to offer. First Person First-Responder Gaming, Inside the Institute fro Creative Technologies, and Riding the Edge of Distributed Intelligence are all quite interesting. Half-Life 2 is seeing use in serious gaming, too, though, and they have it covered in Healthcare and Forestry in Half-Life 2. From the article: "After his overview, Holt went on to talk about the serious game mod projects he'd been working on, starting with a medical simulation game project, Pulse!!!, which is funded by Congress via the Office of Naval Research. The project is an early stage prototype in advance of a larger development system, to test the issues needed to successfully move nurse training into a full scale 3D game-like environment. For the doctors in the similation, he used an ordinary civilian model from Half-Life 2, but worked to give it better posture - the civilians in Half-Life 2 were pretty downtrodden and had a definite slouch. Otherwise, with a bit of cleaning up of the skin and textures, the engine was extremely functional for its task, including careful use of the AI scripting and other behavioral code."
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Half-Life 2 Taken Seriously

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  • Death of Doom3 (Score:2, Interesting)

    by phorm (591458) on Friday November 04, 2005 @04:07PM (#13952616) Journal
    This sounds like a real kick in the pants to the doom3 engine. Previously, there was a good industry in selling the rights to use/modify the game engines from doom/quake in commercial products. Apparently effects is beaten out by physics in this case though, as the HL2 engine seems to be the one now selling for derivative products.

    I wonder if HL2's engine will have as many derived projects as doom/quake did.

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