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Vivendi's Revenues up 35 Percent 25

Posted by Zonk
from the can't-imagine-why dept.
Vivendi Universal Games, the publisher for games from Blizzard Entertainment and Valve Software, posted high revenues for last year. The company showed an increase of almost 35% over 2004. From the article: "Vivendi also reported its revenues for the fourth quarter of 2005, VU Games' revenue actually dropped from 2004, down 7 percent from 264 million euros ($319 million) to 245 million euros ($296 million). The company blamed the slide on 'an exceptional quarter in 2004,' in which Half-Life 2 and World of Warcraft both debuted." Update: 01/30 21:12 GMT by Z : It helps if I pay attention to what I'm typing.
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Vivendi's Revenues up 35 Percent

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