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A Look At The Legend of Zelda Animated Series 60

Posted by Zonk
from the yes-princess-of-course-princess-whatever-you-say dept.
The site Gamers with Jobs has up an article discussing the merits of the Legend of Zelda TV series DVD set, and reflecting on the show itself. From the article: "As a rational inquirer who is interested in my own role in the world, I am forever bound to the task of describing just what factors make me what I am. I am therefore thankful for this DVD release; for I am indeed a product of my time, and, in spite of my more conscientious wishes otherwise, I cannot deny that this animated Zelda series represents an important formative component of my own personal history. For anyone who can say the same, the modest purchase is a no-brainer." Totally worth sitting through Captain Lou Albano for.
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A Look At The Legend of Zelda Animated Series

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday February 08, 2006 @02:03PM (#14670990)
    "Well excuuuuuse me, princess!"
    • This isn't offtopic, it's Link's catch-phrase from the animated series. I remember being in second grade, and people using the "well, excuuuuuuse me" line, and thinking it was really funny.

      Rewatching it, it just seems really - well, corny. But it's from the show, and one of the first things I thought of when I saw the article title. In fact, I'm kinda disappointed this isn't from the "well-excuuuuuse-me-princess dept."

      • It's possible that, depending on how old you are, the "Well, excuuuuuse me..." line was actually something people picked up from Steve Martin, not the Zelda cartoons.

        However anyone who modded your comment off-topic doesn't deserve mod points. I picked up this DVD set a couple months ago and my wife and I sat through the whole thing during a weekend. Every once in a while, she'll bust out an "excuse me, princess!" and I'll die laughing. It's one of those things that goes from being something you don't notic
  • by demeteloaf (865003) on Wednesday February 08, 2006 @02:07PM (#14671024)
    ...since viewers never know for certain just whether Link and Zelda will finally get it on.

    Twilight Princess "hot lon lon milk" hack, anyone?

  • Having seen Link repeatedly try and fail to cop a snog off Zelda in this cartoon before acquiring Zelda II, I found the ending to that game (in which Link and Zelda seem to embrace, and ostensibly kiss, behind a curtain) oddly satisfying.
    • Warning! The above poster is British!
    • Having seen Link repeatedly try and fail to cop a snog off Zelda in this cartoon before acquiring Zelda II, I found the ending to that game (in which Link and Zelda seem to embrace, and ostensibly kiss, behind a curtain) oddly satisfying.

      Different Zelda. Zelda II takes place a couple of years after Zelda I, but the princess sleeping in the North Castle has been there for centuries. According to the Zelda II manual, after the wizard put the sleeping spell on her, a law was made that all Hyrule's princesses

      • There are more than three Zeldas. There are at least four, probably five.

        Zelda 1 Zelda
        Zelda 2 Zelda
        ALTTP Zelda (could be same as above)
        Ocarina of Time Zelda (long before ALTTP Zelda)
        Wind Waker Zelda (between Ocarina and ALTTP)

        There are at least four Links, too.
  • I found this a few days ago on google video and assumed it was some animation student's perverted joke. I really had never heard of this show at all, but it was so obviously a drug-induced giggling wank.
    But it was actually real? It was intended as a children's show? wtf?
  • Totally worth sitting through Captain Lou Albano for

    Wasnt that Super Mario Bros? I thought Zelda was in the half-hour block with Captain N and Super Mario Bros was a separate show

    • The Super Mario Brothers Super Show was on 5 days a week. On Fridays, the zelda cartoons were replaced by Zelda, but the live-action sctick was the same.

      It was either right before or after the DJ Kat Show, which I hated for no discernable reason.
    • Re:Captain? (Score:5, Informative)

      by kravlor (597242) on Wednesday February 08, 2006 @02:22PM (#14671199) Homepage
      This particular Zelda cartoon was part of the Super Mario Bros show. SMB was on weekdays, with Fridays being a Zelda cartoon and the rest being SMB cartoons.

      This is not to be confused with a few appearances on Captain N following the release of Zelda II, after the SMB cartoon was past its prime. The Captain N version featured the same voice for Link, IIRC.
      • Captain N was a Saturday-morning cartoon, and the SMB/Zelda show was an after-school show.

        Does anyone else remember the Mother Brain character on Captain N sounding like the Mammy character on the old Tom & Jerry cartoons? Not trying to be racist/insensitive/whatever, but wasn't she all "I don't know nothin' about birthin' no babbies!" in style of speech? Man, haven't thought about that show since 3rd grade or so...

        Also, how about that Super Mario Brothers rap? Man, I remember singing/rapping that in
  • dear god (Score:1, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Could they have written a more pretentious, self-absorbed, histrionic ass-kiss of a review? The quoted article text pretty much says it all.

    Folks, it's A TV SHOW. About a VIDEO GAME. You're buying a DVD, not curing cancer or joining the Peace Corps.

    Jesus. I liked the show too, but I'm not about to tell everybody what wide-reaching implications my purchase has for giving my life some meaning.
  • When I was a kid I used to hate it when Zelda interupted my Mario Bros show. That said, Zelda still brings back a good sense of nostalgia, and I'm sure my tastes have changed in the last 15 years or so (I actually somehow liked the Rambo game better than Zelda2 as a kid...).

    PS: I also hated the live action part of the Mario Bros show even more. I'm sure I'm not alone there.
    • Well, we all know that the saturday morning Mario 3-themed cartoon was vastly superior to the Captain Lou affairs, anyway. See also the Saturday morning Sonic cartoon vs. the afterschool one (although they BOTH featured Jaleel White (aka Steve Urkel) as the voice of the title character).
  • by Zangief (461457) on Wednesday February 08, 2006 @02:16PM (#14671128) Homepage Journal
    As a rational inquirer who is interested in my own role in the world, I am forever bound to the task of describing just what factors make me what I am.

    Note to self: Excessive introspection may be stopping me from achieving higger goals. I will study this idea later.
  • low on content? (Score:2, Informative)

    by kevin.fowler (915964)
    If I remember correctly, there are 13 episodes, all of which are rather short. I hope they take the road that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD's did, and have a $10 price point. I'm not going to shell out twice or three times that for pure nostalgia.

    Someone call me when the Milli Vanilli episode of the Mario 3 cartoon is on DVD.
  • I agree. (Score:5, Informative)

    by lpangelrob (714473) on Wednesday February 08, 2006 @02:21PM (#14671187)
    In this regard, the animated series can hardly be said to be unfaithful to the games on which it is based. Let's face it: the princess Zelda has always been a symbol of sexual desire, and the act of "rescuing" her is but a polite euphemism for sexual conquest. Insofar as the cartoon series recognizes these aspects of Zelda lore, it is only making explicit what had previously been confined to implicit snickering.

    Heck yeah. I learned so many things from even the original Legend of Zelda. Among them are the following:

    1. Theft of wooden swords from old men are a good thing
    2. When at full strength, even you can defy the laws of gravity via sword throwing!
    3. Candles may at any time generate fireballs my size or larger. But only once...
    4. ...unless you have the red candle, which is infinitely funner.
    5. There are few costs to burning yourself repeatedly, other than the laws of gravity via sword throwing returning to your presence.
    6. There are no costs to blowing yourself up.
    7. If you ever need to choose between being stronger or being healthier... go with strength.
    8. The death of wild animals will make you rich!
    9. ...if you desire, rich to no end, except for the whole 255 rupee thing.
    10. I guess Link had an 8 bit pouch.
    11. Rafts are utterly useless.
    12. Ladders are effective for crossing decent sized bodies of water, but ineffected for climbing.
    13. Swords are cool, but pointy swords with handles that are at a 22 degree angle are even cooler!
    14. Attacking old men sometimes goes without consequence, but some other old men get cranky and have their pet statues throw fireballs at you.
    15. Beware of mountain paths.
  • by hal2814 (725639) on Wednesday February 08, 2006 @02:29PM (#14671284)
    There are some cartoons I just LOVED from my youth that I've since realized are not quite as good as I remember them being. I downloaded some Captain N and Thundercats about a year ago and never realized just how bad those shows really were. I'd hate to see Zelda fall to that same fate. I'd like to remember Zelda as the cartoon that I fondly watched just before going to the video store for my weekly video game rental each Friday, not as I'd see it today if I watched it.
  • According to an old story [aqfl.net] I posted, Yahooligans! [aqfl.net] used to have episodes online. It appears Yahoo! [yahoo.com] took them and many other cartoon series down. :(
  • by Ironsides (739422)
    It's scarry. I actually remember watching this series all those years ago. But I would rather know when Captain N and Voltron (among others) are coming out on DVD.
  • Captain Lou Albano is more than worth sitting through Legend of Zelda for.
    • You may actually be on to something. The Zelda cartoon was generic fantasy, missing almost all of the charm of the games. But Captain Lou in a Mario Costume trying to do an Italian accent, that's just gold man.
      • But Captain Lou in a Mario Costume trying to do an Italian accent, that's just gold man.

        It was a Brooklyn accent. The only time, pre-N64, that Mario was ever portrayed with an Italian accent was on a Monitor demo at the Super Scope 6 road show, where they had a tech demo of a floating talking Mario head (which reappeared on Super Mario 64).
        • Really?

          (Thinking back for confirmation: "Swing your hips..." "...do the Mario..." "...just like that...")

          Okay, I've decided that I don't care enough you challenge you. I think I'd prefer to keep my neurons *alive*....
          • Yep. Remember when Sgt Slaughter got cought on the Brooklyn bridge and took a shortcut.

            Luigi: A shortcut off the Brooklyn Bridge?
            Sgt Slaughter (on radio): It helps if you have a Sherman Tank!
  • Zelda Cartoon (Score:1, Insightful)

    by Physician (861339)
    When I was younger, I used to look forward with baited breath to Friday when Zelda would replace Mario. For some inexplicable reason, only 13 episodes were produced. Yes this show would never win an emmy, but it was pretty cool how it tied into what was my favorite game at the time. The question I have is why Nintendo does not bring Zelda back. No, it would not have to be in anyway associated with the 1980s version. However, there are several different ways they could approach it. One could be with the Win
    • Could work. I personally prefer darker, serious stories, so my personal preference would be the Twilight Princess scenario that you mentioned. While an American production may pehaps seem a little watered down, a Japanese production, say by Production I.G. would be ideal. Plus it would prove a great tie-in for TP should such a series prove successful (which it would be if decent writers are employed, given the fanbase is already there).

      Call it jumping on a bandwagon, but leave any such production in the ha

    • "Yes this show would never win an emmy, but it was pretty cool how it tied into what was my favorite game at the time. The question I have is why Nintendo does not bring Zelda back." While I agree a Zelda show would be cool, I don't even think Nintendo knows how to do Zelda right... just look at windwaker... th Now I dont' want to knock Zelda WW too badly but I found the best versions of Zelda were the Zelda #2, Zelda #3, and Ocarina of time, the rest were so-so by my standards. I think the Zelda the did
    • I would so prefer a new Captain N show, to coincide with the release of the Revolution. What's more, it should be done completely using CG animation as opposed to standard animation. Also, it should be done by Gonzo, cause they have some of the cleanest animation I have ever seen. Either them or the guys who did Reboot (I don't remember the name of the studio).
  • I found the zelda series quite poorly made and quite lame really, i assume it didn't have much success due to the small amount of episodes produced. The games on the other hand bring back great memorys, i still play them (bar OoT and MM: I really dont like those two).

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