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June's Best Indie Games 16

Posted by Zonk
from the go-forth-and-game dept.
cyrus_zuo writes "Game Tunnel has just published its June Independent Video Games Round-Up. This month's article looks at twelve indie titles including the physics-based gem Armadillo Run, the newest Spiderweb Software RPG Avernum 4, and the finally released Wild Earth, the later of which walked away with the Game of the Month award. As always the article includes four different people reviewing and rating each game, including a new face this month, Savant, as Game Tunnel marks 2 years of doing the monthly round-up."
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June's Best Indie Games

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  • pity that the 'armadillo' was just a ball though...
    • Yep. It was pretty much the game everyone was waiting for after playing Pontifex (or Bridge Builder if its limited options were enough for your abusing pleasure) and seeing all the possible abuses for the physics system.
  • Horrible (Score:1, Funny)

    by kevin_conaway (585204)

    What kind of list is this? It mistakenly left PyScrabble [] (an awesome multi-player Scrabble game written in Python) off the list. How dare they!

  • AGDI (Score:2, Informative)

    by DuckWizard (744428)
    If you're into indie games, don't forget about AGD Interactive []. Not only do they re-make classic Sierra adventures with tasty VGA graphics, but they have an original adventure game (called "Al Emmo") coming out that looks pretty awesome. Any old(ish)-school fans of Sierra adventure games should check them out.

    I am not affiliated with this company in any way - I just think that what they're doing is nothing short of awesome, and want to spread the word.
    • by Hatta (162192)
      Not only have they re-made classic Sierra adventures with tasty VGA graphics

      Fixed that for you. Too bad QFG2VGA is vaporware. It's been "supposed to be done next year" since 2003. If they really have it done except for bug fixes, they need to just release an alpha and the source and let the community finish it up.
      • Did you miss the teaser video they posted recently? I'm pretty convinced that they're making headway - and now that Al Emmo (their bread and butter) is more or less done, we'll be seeing QFG2VGA shortly. And I am really looking forward to it - QFG2 is my favorite game of my favorite series.
    • Looks like an interesting project. It's a shame that running the games still requires the use of an emulator. I was hoping that, in remaking them, they would be porting them to modern platforms. Oh well, there are many good DOS emulators out there.
    • by popo (107611)

      Remaking games with better graphics is something I wish we'd see more of. I always wonder why someone doesn't remake Starcraft with a decent resolution. (Or in 3D).

  • Avernum is a great game. It's like nethack but fun.
  • I have to say, not many indie games are that good, and it's simply a complete pain to try and find the good ones. For that reason, I think the Gametunnel roundups are excellent. Every now and then the big mainstream gaming sites will latch onto something like Darwinia and proudly boast their credentials as supporters of innovation and the little guy, but we forget that Gametunnel is always there first, sat in the trenches sifting through the mud (which unfortunately there's a lot of) to find the few fun nug

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