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XBox (Games)

Halo 3 Beta Sign Up Starts Dec. 4th 36

Posted by Zonk
from the better-than-a-kick-in-the-pants dept.
aplusjimages writes " is reporting that Dec. 4th, will be when Bungie will start taking registrations for the Halo 3 Beta test. This is also the date that the new 60 second commercial will air on ESPN's Monday Night Football. There have already been sightings of gamertags playing Halo 3 Beta online." From the article: "'There will be multiple ways to get involved with Halo 3's public beta and next week's online registration is just the first way.' The registration program will be set up at and will give players a chance to be one of the 'select members to join the unprecedented Halo 3 public beta program.' If you don't get in to the beta via this method, relax, there will be numerous other opportunities to participate in the beta."
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Halo 3 Beta Sign Up Starts Dec. 4th

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  • by HappySqurriel (1010623) on Friday December 01, 2006 @11:42AM (#17065994)
    Even in 40 player Resistance matches there has yet to be anyone reporting any lag thanks to Sony's online setup

    Why do you keep saying this?

    Sony (probably) built their online system to support 5 Million PS3 owners who wanted to play games online, meaning it was implemented with hundreds of thousands of concurrent users in mind; according to EA Sony has only shipped 200,000 PS3s. The fact is that Sony (probably) has a 5% of their intended load on their servers, if they had lag that would be a real serious problem.
  • by YT (79213) on Friday December 01, 2006 @12:59PM (#17067526)
    Well 90% of the people who sign up for BETAs do the following things:

    1. Brag about how they are the first to play it
    2. Complain that the game will suck and it keeps crashing. *It's a BETA you fool!*
    3. Never, ever give any kind of helpful feed back in the forums, email, bug reports. They just say "It crashed, fix it"
    4. Exploit the hell out of game bugs.

    There is usually a good 10% that do actual "testing", they report bugs with all the detail, they don't whine/complain. And for some companies they reward this behavior. Take for example the Auto-Assault BETA, people who did a good job reporting bugs, made daily/weekly reports on game play, etc.. They were rewarded with longer play hours and access to more stuff during the BETA.

    So given that, yes a single person can actually be heard and make a difference, mainly because he/she will be one of the very few that will actually report bugs and make helpful suggestions.


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