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Grey Markets Compared - PS3 vs. Wii 82

Kotaku has a follow-up feature to their earlier look at the declining PS3 market on EBay. Post author Michael Fahey has now gone back and looked at Ebay sales, comparing the PS3 and the Wii. Unlike the sharp dips and spikes the PS3 market has suffered, the price seems to be fairly constant for the Wii console. From the article: "Considering the small window that the PlayStation 3 auctions had to turn a truly amazing profit, prospectors would have been better off in the long run purchasing a couple of Wiis, which have maintained an average profit margin of 45-50% since preorders became available. Definitely not a windfall, but a much more financially sound investment in the long run. Unfortunately these launches weren't about being sound financially. They were about betting on the big bucks, and the majority of the PS3 prospectors out there played the tables and lost."
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Grey Markets Compared - PS3 vs. Wii

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  • by stastuffis (632932) on Friday January 05, 2007 @11:47AM (#17475120)

    I'm not surprised. I've read in a ton of different places that the PS3 is making its way to the shelves (some units being returns from unsuccessful eBay sellers). And sometimes taking a few days to sell ten or so units in some places. I know the local Circuit City had 15 units for a few days although I haven't checked to see if they are still stocked. Why make a purchase online when you can just go to your local store and pick one up?

    The Wii, on the other hand, is practically nonexistent in many places. No wonder the eBay prices are still there.

  • Yessir (Score:2, Informative)

    by xlordtyrantx (958605) on Friday January 05, 2007 @11:58AM (#17475306)
    I went to a Wal-Mart the other day, looking for add-ons for the Wii. The only thing that they had available was the Classic controller add-on. No systems, no controllers, nothing. But there were two PS3's for sell, several controllers, ect.
  • by HappySqurriel (1010623) on Friday January 05, 2007 @12:15PM (#17475586)
    The internet rumors about the PS3 and Wii systems' availability are reasonably accurate ( http://ps3finder.com/ [ps3finder.com] http://wiitracker.com/ [wiitracker.com] ) ...

    Essentially, if you want to buy a PS3 for its MSRP you can (probably) make some phonecalls and find one at a store near you or you can use the link above and find one from an online store; besides camping out at a store for the next Wii shipment there is no (reliable) way to buy a Wii for its MSRP. I would assume that the Wii and PS3 shortages will end within the next month or so as Q1 is the slowest quarter for game system sales in the year and both systems seem to be getting a more steady supply to stores.
  • by metamatic (202216) on Friday January 05, 2007 @02:09PM (#17477716) Homepage Journal
    And then one of the losers reported him to the FBI for running an unlicensed gambling ring via the Internet, and he ended up in jail?
  • Component Cable (Score:3, Informative)

    by MonkeyCookie (657433) on Friday January 05, 2007 @07:28PM (#17483132)
    Try ordering it from Nintendo.com. I did just that before Christmas, and I got the component cables within a week (well before Christmas day). You won't have to run all over trying to track one down.

    I ended up getting a second remote/nunchuk direct from Nintendo too; However, I ordered at the beginning of December and didn't get them until about 5 days before Christmas.
  • by wbren (682133) on Saturday January 06, 2007 @02:30AM (#17486040) Homepage
    You might also want to check out this page [arstechnica.com]. It lists a bunch of different places to buy Wii component cables. I bought the MadCatz one for $19 and received them in less than a week!

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