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Yet Another EVE Online Scandal? 259

Ariastis writes "An open letter, posted by former EVE Players, levels some new and serious accusations against CCP, the makers of the EVE Online MMOG. In the letter, chat logs & event timelines, along with description of in-game events from CCP-Approved reporting users, describe how most of the big role-playing events are rigged to favor specific alliances & players by CCP. More disturbingly, these users also appear to have CCP employees 'on call', ready to step in on behalf of the favoured players and alliances within the game. CCP reaction is member-only, but a forum thread has been left open to discuss about it." It should be pointed out at the moment all of the evidence put forward is circumstantial; take with a grain of salt. The issue of corruption in EVE was addressed in our interview with Magnus Bergsson at GDC.
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Yet Another EVE Online Scandal?

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  • Re:Thread (Score:3, Funny)

    by seaturnip (1068078) on Friday May 25, 2007 @08:18PM (#19278667)
    Thanks, that's useful.
  • by Icarus1919 (802533) on Friday May 25, 2007 @08:27PM (#19278729)
    Ah, screenshots? Say no more, case closed.
  • by mcpkaaos (449561) on Friday May 25, 2007 @09:00PM (#19278927)
    Spell check is the work of the Devel

    That must make you Jeezus.
  • It's funny (Score:5, Funny)

    by nobodyman (90587) on Friday May 25, 2007 @10:54PM (#19279615) Homepage
    I recognize all of your words as English, but I have no idea what you just wrote.
  • by nobodyman (90587) on Friday May 25, 2007 @11:09PM (#19279711) Homepage
    Posting anonymously for obvious reasons.
    Oh, for fucks sake man: GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!

    Honestly, I don't get this game at all. I read several stories about EVE, and the interesting thing that they have in common is that
    1. Nobody seems to be having fun
    2. Everybody takes it way too seriously
  • by aldheorte (162967) on Saturday May 26, 2007 @12:02AM (#19280115)
    Seems like if BoB has an 'in' with CCP, Goons have an 'in' with Slashdot. Do you realize how fast this made it onto the Slashdot front page (before CCP even had a chance to respond that they would respond)? I personally think that game owners and site editors have whatever editorial discretion (which includes modifying game balance) they want over their game/site - it's the player/reader's discretion to play/read, so I'm not getting upset about it, but methinks there is a greater "meta game" going on here then most people are aware.

    Then again.. if you go down this alley... you have to then ask yourself... what meta game am I playing? Isn't the whole MMOG scene fun? :)
  • by servognome (738846) on Saturday May 26, 2007 @12:03AM (#19280117)

    Useful Historical Fact of the Day: If Hitler had played C&C, we would all by typing in German by now.
    WWII if it were an RTS (not necessarily in perfect historical order):

    Germany: We will pwn j00
    France: ZOMG ZERG *France has disconnected from server*
    UK: You too can experience your finest hour with all herbal enlargement pills
    Germany: UK is just an F'ing spambot, we'll invade Russia .
    Russia: No fair Germany, we had a deal!
    Germany: WTF Russia is turtling!!!
    Japan: All ur base in Asia r belong to us
    USA: OMG Japan is so f***ing ninja! I was AFK
    Russia: This sucks, I have a spambot and AFKer on my team
    US: Don't worry I was macro building up my production while AFK
    UK: Sorry about that spam, I was letting my little bro play
    Russia: Bout F***ing time you showed up
    Germany: Italy, are you going to do anything productive?!
    Italy:*Italy has disconnected from the server* *Italy has joined the game* *Italy has joined the Allies*
    Germany: We're screwed *Germany has disconnected from the server*
    US: "If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the Mighty One... I am become Death, the Shatterer of Worlds."
    Japan: ZOMG we gotz nuked *Japan has disconnected from the server*
  • by Opportunist (166417) on Saturday May 26, 2007 @12:05AM (#19280135)
    To test faith, of course, stupid questi...


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