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Konami's E3 Event Shows off Silent Hill 5 21

Posted by Zonk
from the that-is-freaking-creepy dept.
Konami's press conference was short and sweet, but the focus was on the unveiling of Silent Hill V . There's almost no information about it out yet, though there is a singularly unhelpful trailer available online. From the press release: "Building upon the series trademark foundations of atmosphere, adventure and storytelling, Silent Hill 5 introduces players to a frightening new experience. When confronted by the perverse incarnations of evil that roam Silent Hill and Shepherds Glen, players will be able to utilize an enhanced combat system and execute a number of offensive and defensive maneuvers as they experience every terrifying encounter with the games numerous nightmarish creatures. Players will also have to solve a variety of puzzles as they progress through the highly atmospheric game world, using cues from the environment to unlock Silent Hills darkest secrets. Continuing the series tradition of standout music and sound design, Silent Hill 5 features an original soundtrack by famed composer Akira Yamaoka."
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Konami's E3 Event Shows off Silent Hill 5

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  • by flitty (981864) on Thursday July 12, 2007 @04:10PM (#19842081)
    It was a 30 second trailer of the logo! I don't care what the press release says. SH 4 sounds like a great game on paper too. To make a slashdot post about this single game that had a 30 second trailer is strange to me. Anyone care to explain why this game gets it's own post, when this game possibly has the least amount of information around it from E3?

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