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Tabula Rasa Delayed Two Weeks 93

Posted by Zonk
from the bit-longer-till-the-war-starts dept.
The FPS/MMOG Tabula Rasa, developed for NCSoft by Richard Garriott's Destination Games, will now be delayed for about two weeks while some last-minute testing goes on. Eurogamer reports: "The extra time will apparently be used to fiddle around with stability and balance issues, as well as put high-level area Ligo through its paces and iron out some crafting niggles. This is very important to Starr, who was adamant to share the development mantra of, 'Stable, fast, fun. In that order.' In the coming weeks, creator Richard Garriott will be writing features detailing what endgame content we can expect in Tabula Rasa, and how Destination Games will go about adding updates over time."
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Tabula Rasa Delayed Two Weeks

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  • by DrXym (126579) on Wednesday October 03, 2007 @11:28AM (#20838925)
    I played the beta on a free weekend trial key and to be honest it didn't feel like I was playing anything new or interesting. It's a grungy space marine style game where you kill things with blasters instead of swords. Otherwise it's typical MMO fair - do quests, grind, buff etc. The difference of course is that the loot is enhanced armour, weapons and your character advances in weapons and other military skills with some with psychic abilities which are basically spells. It felt most like a cross between Anarchy Online and Star Wars Galaxies and that's not necessarily something to be happy about. I uninstalled it after 3 hours.

    MMOs just seem to be stuck in a rut that they can't escape. Even games like Lord of the Rings online (one of the better MMOs at the moment) still can't escape from experience bars, skill points, menial quests and whatnot. I was hoping for more from Tabula Rasa and I really didn't feel there was much more.

  • Re:On a limb (Score:5, Informative)

    by Rinisari (521266) on Wednesday October 03, 2007 @11:43AM (#20839171) Homepage Journal
    Apparently parent and grandparent have not played NCSoft's major MMORPG titles City of Heroes and City of Villains. Both have never had an expansion pack, and considerable content is added with each update. In fact, two updates ago, NCSoft added an invention system to augment drops. Additionally, the rate of experience is quite high for an MMO. I've been playing for about four months now and I can get a character up to level 10 in a little more than 10 hours of gameplay—level 6 in about five hours.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday October 03, 2007 @11:57AM (#20839401)
    I don't see how General Brittish, as he is known inside Tabula Rasa, and his code army is going to fix all of the substantial problems that the game has in only two additional weeks.

    Missions (Quests) break constantly. If you die (or disconnect - which happens frequently) while attempting a mission inside an instance, the mission will frequently become non-completable, forcing the player to abandon the quest, return to the quest-giver, and ask for the mission again. Missions outside of instances are frequently impossible to complete because you cannot interact with one of the objectives (ie, blow up a mining drill or power generator). Logos obtainment quests frequently do not complete when you obtain said logos.

    Clipping and Bounding planes are simply not enforced in many areas. Players get stuck in the terrain frequently, forcing the use of the /stuck macro (which takes you back in time about 15 seconds, hopefully to a time when you weren't stuck in the terrain). Players can pass through terrain (walls, rocks, flowers (HUGE FLOWERS) intermittently, causing all sorts of interesting situations which can often only be resolved by using the /stuck macro. This area of the game needs a substantial re-design.

    What is this? All instances (up to level 30, at least) can be soloed by any patient player of any class. All enemy characters can be avoided simply by running by/through their patrol and continuing running until you out-range them -- seriously. The single time I grouped to complete an instance, which was not necessary, mind you, each player simply did their own thing. Nobody healed their teammates, and nobody teamed up to beat the enemy characters. It was essentialy a FPS game with the storyline being played in co-op mode, but without any co-operation.

    That being said, TR is a great game, or at least it might be if Richard Garriott doesn't give in to unrealistic publisher timelines, and deliver a beta product as a finished product.
  • Oracle is hazy (Score:2, Informative)

    by sabt-pestnu (967671) on Wednesday October 03, 2007 @12:36PM (#20840053)
    One might well consider City of Villains an expansion pack for CoH. I will concede that considerable content has been added gratis, and for which I am grateful. In addition, they recognize that their main income from CoH/CoV is from monthly revenue, so after an initial sales period, they've offered many "new package" benefits (costume elements, product-granted powers like a limited teleport, etc that were granted with particular promotionally packaged items like the "Good Vs Evil" pack) for a nominal cost.

    On the other hand, NCSoft also runs GuildWars, which HAS had expansion packs. GuildWars's revenue stream, though, IS those expansion packs.

    Despite the vast number of Tabula Rasa sites out there, all I could find on pricing was the initial outlay for the game. My opinion, then, is that they'll follow one of the two paths - roll profits from monthly subscription back into the expansion packs, or regularly pump out expansion packs for a fee, but not charge a subscription price.
  • by Barny (103770) <> on Wednesday October 03, 2007 @02:44PM (#20842205) Homepage Journal
    If you bothered to look (yeah, this may make you look more so), the meaning of "blank slate" is a double reference in the game, partly to humanity having the earth uh, conquered on us and us having to make our way in the universe and being able to put all pasts behind us, as well it refers to the "magic" system of Logos that the player mast collect and add to their tabula (which surprisingly enough, starts out empty!), unlocking abilities and powers for them.

    In the game the Logos (runes effectively) are a language that an ancient race used to communicate near universally with any race (gotta admit, it is easy to pick-up, once you learn a bit).

    This reference of course isn't accidental, Garriot comes across (from chatting in game and reading informal chats done with him) as a real geeks-geek, could he have picked up the phrase from Buffy the vampire slayer? Maybe. Would he have known about it before hand, more than likely. Will ask him next time he is in game :)

    Oh and all that info above is available on their non-NDA part of the web site ^_^

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