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Nintendo's Iwata Says Old Console Cycle Dead 245

Posted by Zonk
from the wiimote-through-the-heart dept.
1up is reporting on comments from Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, who has offered up the opinion that the four-year console cycle is a thing of the past. Instead, he says, companies should look to iterate on their hardware when an opportunity presents itself. "Launches should depend on when it can signify a major shift in entertainment, or when they have done everything possible with the current hardware. He also says that scheduling the successor to current hardware on a 4-year life cycle without paying attention to changes in the market 'appears to be too inflexible an approach to us.' This isn't to say that the company doesn't have eyes on the future. 'We need to forecast what the future will be like with the expected evolution of new technologies which are available at any given time, and try to identify the so-called 'sweet spot' of technology over the next few years,' he said."
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Nintendo's Iwata Says Old Console Cycle Dead

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  • Yes they do (Score:3, Informative)

    by Tony (765) on Monday November 05, 2007 @05:59PM (#21246933) Journal
    Yes, they do. UT3 developers have stated that the Xbox 360 game will have less content and less-detailed textures compared to the PS3, specifically because it takes up more than can fit on a DVD.

    Games *do* need BluRay now. That's the primary reason I feel the PS3 has the long-term edge.
  • by _xeno_ (155264) on Monday November 05, 2007 @07:16PM (#21247941) Homepage Journal

    Remember when you activated the Shop Channel and they made you read through the agreement and it said that, if you need to replace the unit, you must replace it through Nintendo if you want to keep your Wii Shop points and downloads? And they made you agree to that several times, and pointed it out several times?

    Well - they meant it. If you wanted to keep your Wii Shop points and downloads, you needed to send the unit back to Nintendo. As a plus, they also copy all your settings and save data over to the new unit.

    You do have to re-download all your Wii Shop purchases, but you don't have to re-buy them if you go through Nintendo.

    I really can't fault Nintendo for your failure to read their terms and conditions. You did agree to them, since you can't use the Wii Shop channel without reading them and agreeing to them.

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