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Portables (Games) Sony

PSP Slim Sells Over A Million in Japan 39

Posted by Zonk
from the kicking-ds-taking-sales dept.
GameDaily reports that Sony has had a lot of success with the PSP Slim in Japan, with sales of over a million units since its launch in September of this year. That's more units sold than the original PSP did in its several-year-long lifespan. "Titles such as Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and Monster Hunter in particular have helped boost Sony's portable in Japan. Sony is maintaining a sales forecast of 10 million units worldwide by the end of its fiscal year next March. The portable sector is still dominated by the Nintendo DS, however. Nintendo is aiming to sell 28 million units of its handheld by the end of its fiscal year."
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PSP Slim Sells Over A Million in Japan

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  • by GreatDrok (684119) on Tuesday November 27, 2007 @01:59PM (#21494489) Journal
    I got a PSP as soon as they appeared largely to play the GTA games which I had enjoyed so much on the PS2. I have both games and I haven't finished either of them. The screen is poor because it has very slow response so you get trails all over the place. The controls are cramped and mean I can't use the thing for more than a few minutes at a time. Memory capacity is low and expensive to add and still limited so as a movie player it isn't very good either because you have to compress the movies too much and the dreadful screen doesn't help. The speakers are rotten so you really have to use headphones too and the time it takes to load a game seems like forever.

    So, to summarise, poor controls, poor screen and poor performance. Making it thinner isn't going to change things much.
  • by Saint_Waldo (541712) on Tuesday November 27, 2007 @02:19PM (#21494763)

    "There haven't been any PSP titles in the Japanese all console chart top 20 since the launch of the PSP slim/lite."

    That's flat out false. Two words: Crisis Core. []

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