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Gartner Sees Virtual Interaction as the Future of IT 21

Posted by Zonk
from the f2f-is-so-last-century dept.
jerrymander writes "We're moving into "Generation Virtual", says Gartner analyst Adam Sarner in a Baseline article. With an emphasis on the opportunities that virtual personas represent now and in the future, Sarner details the traits of being a part of Generation V. Sarner outlines in his assessment that: 'Traditional ways of selling to customers using demographic information will become irrelevant in the online world, which has its own merit-based system using personas that conduct transactions and spread influence anonymously.' And, by extension, Sarner says that 'business intelligence (BI) and analytic tools will shift toward consumer applications, eventually arming companies with automated, artificial intelligence, self-learning 'persona bots' to seek customers' needs and desires.'"
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Gartner Sees Virtual Interaction as the Future of IT

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