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Penny Arcade Releases Episodic PC Game 78

CyDharttha writes "Greenhouse Interactive on Wednesday released a RPG titled 'On the Rain-slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One.' The title is available on Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms, as well as XBox Live Arcade. A quick look at the game shows it promises the same great humor frequently displayed at Penny Arcade, and with the help of Hothead Games, intriguing graphics, sound, dialog and game play. Demo and purchase is available online now."
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Penny Arcade Releases Episodic PC Game

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  • by Evangelion (2145) on Thursday May 22, 2008 @10:22AM (#23504902) Homepage
    Umm, wouldn't that have to be a response to "I can't skip it on the Mac version", in order to make sense as an old one-button joke? As it stands, I'm not sure how to respond outside of a non-sequitur polygamous sheep playdough.

    Anyway, the opening cut scene was skipped after I created my first character. I did notice that the first time I started it up, I couldn't skip it, and when I started it up after quitting without starting a game, I couldn't skip it. But once I created a game, it worked as I would expect, and I went right to the menu (I don't even remember if it started to play, or if I was hitting buttons to skip it, but I definitely remember not being annoyed or delayed when I went to restart my game).
  • by liquiddark (719647) on Thursday May 22, 2008 @10:37AM (#23505138)
    One of those is against the "M$" users of the world, not Linux.

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