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"Something Special" For the 100th Patch To Asheron's Call 50

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the old-timers-staying-hip dept.
Turbine is reportedly planning on something special for the 100th patch of Asheron's Call . Having been on the scene since 1999, Asheron's Call will be sharing a 10th anniversary next year with EverQuest, and the developers have been offering up tidbits to their players about what kinds of shiny they may find waiting for them when that big patch hits. "Some of the hints the developers have dropped touch on treasure chest rewards, and the mechanics of the treasure system. They also have plans for a new landscape hunting quests. The most firm new information comes from Frelorn, with the AC community relations team, about an incoming tier of loot and its role in the landscape hunting game."
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"Something Special" For the 100th Patch To Asheron's Call

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  • Old School (Score:2, Insightful)

    by sirboxalot (791959) on Tuesday June 10, 2008 @03:53AM (#23721421)
    AC was one of the greatest and first really "deep" MMORPGs, much more varied, original storyline, and with a better skill/attribute system than Everquest, the only real competition at the time. I played in beta 1, through 2003 or so, then tried it again last year, but it's just too sparse these days. Back when you could log on and there would be 2000+ on a server, that was excellent.

    Of all the great memories I have of AC, the greatest has to be the first sightings of the Tremendous Monouga, a 50 foot tall monster that basically wrecked everyone in the "end days" leading up to the shutdown of the beta. Keep in mind, most of us were on 56k back then, but it was easy to see that AC was going to be something special, and here they are, nine years later and still ticking.

    Sure it's hopelessly outdated, but it's still hopelessly fun.

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