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Full Guitar Hero: World Tour Set List Released 41

Activision finally unveiled the full 86-song track list for Guitar Hero: World Tour, which is set to come out October 26th in the US. The list contains a wide variety of artists, from Creedence Clearwater Revival to Tool to Ted Nugent. Activision also recently acquired FreeStyleGames to "develop new music-based IP," such as DJ Hero. GH:WT's set list shares 13 songs with Rock Band 2, which is due out tomorrow and may get its own reality TV show. Gamespy ranked the RB2 track list by difficulty.
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Full Guitar Hero: World Tour Set List Released

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  • Lots of tracks I've never heard of, but some really good ones too. Hotel California is included! I can see that making for some fun evenings.
  • Love me town times is my favorite songs from the Doors. But they didn't have a bassist, just a bass organ...
  • Anyone want to make some bets on how many days before the game gets released people will be playing the songs in Frets on Fire?

    (referring to how GH3 and GH-80s were both converted to FoF well before retail release)
  • Some awesome tracks, others kind of meh, but all around good stuff. I see Hot for Teacher is on there, anyone else remember THAT video, now? Also.. Willie Nelson's on the road again? Didn't expect to see country, not that its a bad song, just a bit unexpected for a guitar hero game. O_o
  • by Karma Sucks (127136) on Saturday September 13, 2008 @12:55PM (#24991885)

    RB for Wii is a joke, no online, no DLC. You get it all and much more with GHWT. I don't understand Harmonix's decision to gimp the Wii version of RB. I guess they are big 360 supporters... seems to be a poor choice of platform when the Wii version of GH outsold everything else.

  • by antifoidulus (807088) on Saturday September 13, 2008 @01:04PM (#24991937) Homepage Journal
    Seriously, is there even an Asian band on the list? Surely you could have found someone in Korea or Japan willing to sign.... bands such as Dir En Grey or Maximum the Hormone would be awesome IMO
  • 'bout time they put some Steely Dan in there. But "Do It Again"? feh.

    "Reelin' in the Years" would have been the far better choice. Classic, fun to play riffs all OVER that tune. Maybe next time.

  • by Datamonstar (845886) on Saturday September 13, 2008 @04:19PM (#24993411)
    did Rock Band get a reality show before Dungeons & Dragons did? the first thing I thought about when these stupid shows became popular (I.E. Survivor, actually a really GOOD game design) was taking a celebrity party through a campaign and having them act out things in character and show the gaming sessions as well. Seriously, if this can make it, if Who wants to be a superhero, for crying out loud can make it, then why not D&D?
  • teenage riot (also to undo a bad moderation)
  • Whoa! Airbourne is in there!

    Airbourne are what i'd call the 'Second coming of AC/DC', they're from Down Under, they're wild, and they have that Aussie ROCK sound!

    I saw them this year on Judas Priest's tour, they were the first band to play, and they paled Iced Earth, Cavalera Conspiracy Theory and even Priest themselves.

    Also, Sting's cover of Manfred Mann's 'Demolition Man' is horrible
    • by maglor_83 (856254)

      Yeah unfortunately not their best song.
      They also have a downloadable track for Rock Band.

  • i wonder if you just hit the same note over and over

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