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October Indie Game Round-Up 34

Posted by Soulskill
from the diverse-field-of-choices dept.
cyrus_zuo points out the October edition of the Indie Game Round-up, where four reviewers give their opinions on ten recent independently produced games. This month, their top choice was Multiwinia, a casual, abstract take on multiplayer RTS. The second installment of the Strong Bad series also scored high, as did a side-scrolling platformer called Archibald's Adventures. "The levels are short and sweet, the graphics are cartoon-y and clear and the challenges fit in wonderfully with the paradigm of a young hero attached to a skateboard. The puzzles are all timing and creative thinking and can really be taken on by anyone of any skill level. Also, since levels can tackled in any order (you have large chunks available at a time), you can jump around if you get stuck."
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October Indie Game Round-Up

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  • Re:BG2 (Score:2, Informative)

    by damnbunni (1215350) on Saturday November 01, 2008 @07:01AM (#25593755) Journal

    If you want something like Marble Madness, try Mercury Meltdown Revolution for the Wii.

    Or the rolling-ball game that came with my Mac. (I forget what it was called. The Mac it came with didn't actually have enough RAM to run the thing!)

    Or Super Monkey Ball.

    And there are plenty of puzzle games that aren't Bejeweled clones. Boom Blox, for instance.

    Every scrolling shooter I've played HAS been 2D; sometimes they have rather fancy 3D graphics, but they playfield is still 2D. Granted, I'm not an obsessive fan of the genre so I don't hunt them down, but Under Defeat was fantastic.

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