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Mac, Linux Support For Quake Live, Preview of Rage 79

AlexMax2742 writes "Great news for those anxious gamers who have been waiting for a Linux and Mac version of Quake Live. Support for both is being implemented with next Tuesday's update, according to project lead Marty Stratton, who gave the release date during a press conference held at QuakeCon 2009. A video of the press conference is up at QuakeUnity." John Carmack revealed that they're working on a "premium" subscription service for Quake Live, which will allow players to configure and run their own private servers. Also at QuakeCon, a new trailer was released for id's upcoming shooter, Rage. Kotaku posted an extensive preview of Rage, saying, "I've seen no game that, in this realistic style, looks so good and has a landscape so rich with visual splendor." A detailed presentation on id Tech 5, the new game engine behind Rage, was given at SIGGRAPH 2009 last week.
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Mac, Linux Support For Quake Live, Preview of Rage

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  • Copyright morons (Score:1, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday August 15, 2009 @05:00AM (#29075025)

    Video is locked down to US only. Fucking twats.

  • Re:Sweet but... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by dnaumov (453672) on Saturday August 15, 2009 @05:03AM (#29075035)
    Because QuakeLive is not Quake 3.
  • Re:Realistic?? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by MrHanky (141717) on Saturday August 15, 2009 @08:55AM (#29075727) Homepage Journal

    But why would you want it more realistic? The real world is bland. Games are a means to escape reality for a while.

    What the game designers mean by 'realistic' is bigger textures and more polygons lighted by a bigger number of light sources, creating a more vivid picture, and that should be their goal. I like the 'realism' of stepping out into City 17 and its dreamlike yellow sunlight better than the prosaic realism of going out into the grey rain to fetch today's mail. It's a more exciting atmosphere. You don't get that by portraying 'reality' as-seen. You need to distort, over-focus on certain aspects, etc.

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