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Initial WebGL Support Lands In WebKit 181 181

appleprophet writes "WebGL is an upcoming standard from the Khronos Group, the same standards body behind OpenCL and OpenGL ES. It defines the use of OpenGL in websites using the standard canvas element. In other words, websites will be able to render hardware accelerated, 3D graphics natively inside of a web page. In the last week, WebKit, the rendering engine behind Safari and Google Chrome, has added initial support for WebGL, which means it probably won't be too long before Macs and iPhones everywhere get OpenGL web apps. This could have big implications for gaming. HTML5 has steadily been encroaching on desktop applications' territory, but I don't think many people expected browser-based, hardware-accelerated graphics this soon."
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Initial WebGL Support Lands In WebKit

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  • but oh god no! I can only imagine the horrors that will be visited upon the Internet once MySpace users get a hold of this.

  • 3D world (Score:1, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday September 13, 2009 @05:19PM (#29407685)

    Multiplatform 3d pornz coming on the way! On every device that has a browser!

  • by nulled (1169845) on Monday September 14, 2009 @12:20AM (#29410241)

    I think a lot of people fail to see the coincidences of this.

    1) MS announces BING
    2) Founder of Google personally leads a team to investigate and potentially retaliate. (MS just HAS to get into EVERYONE's business)
    3) Google Chrome and OS is announces, officially.
    4) WebGL is announced.
    5) Google Native Client is being heavily developed and will be the core of WebGL use.

    It is a war folks. a Tech war. MS is trying to take more search market shares with the Yahoo/Bing deal. Google is not going to tolerate this, as it is a DIRECT threat to Googles AD business. (Bing actually has a crap ton od marketing behind it and is gaining market share fast.)

    Google is not playing Mr. Nice guy to MS anymore.

    Welcome to Google OS... while many think this will just be a Linux kernel running Chrome and using the WEB for web apps... Google is also doing some key things.

    1) Improving Kernel Linux ( remember the null pointer exploits found? Everyone was wondering, what is Google doing hiring top grade Black hat hackers to look for vulnerabilities in the kernel? To get it ready for world domination is WHY!!!

    Google is also going to write 'from scratch or maybe' a new X server, as the current one has problems... it will make work the way everyone wanted it to... with millions in money and research, google can afford a rewrite, than release it all as Open Source, like they have already done with CHROME and Native Client.

    2) Chrome Browser/OS has been in the works for a while, and MS responds with BING, but Google only exclutes the situation with announcing an OS as well.

    3) WebGL is MORE than just a replacement for flash.

    WebGL + Google native Client allows 3d gaming, they also mention in Google 'Talk Videos' that you will be able to make full fledged Multi Media Products (hint hint... another PhotoShop, 3dsmax, Audition (formerly Cool Edit Audio Editing ) and games.

    What does this all mean?

    It means Google OS. It means that safari, opera and Chrome OS ( Firefox will follow ) have more market share than Microsoft.

    The browser has shown ( and MS has known this since the famous MS internal email 'INTERNET TIDAL WAVE' written by Bill Gates in 1995 in response to the Netscape/Java platform emergence ) is a direct THREAT to MS as a platform.

    The Open Source will soon have their own version of Direct X ( called OpenGL or WebGL ) BTW. openGL standard has come a LONG way in a SHORT mount of time to catch up with Direct X and supporting Shader Model 1,2,3 and beyond... this is become google and apple are supporting it for the new OS take over.

    The Google OS with Browser will beable to BY PASS Microsoft... the Internet Tidal wave has HIT. THe only reason Netscape failed, was because it's revenue source was the Browser, MS was able to cut that 'artery' with a quickness. But, Google does not make money with anything by ADs, which MS can not touch. They can not STOP google in any way shape or form from going what Netscape tried to do 15+ years ago...

    BING is pissing Google OFF and now its game over.

    To learn more google for the following topics and read carefully...

    1) google native client (watch the videos)
    2) google os
    3) WebGL (kronos group) an all open source affiliation group
    4) Bing triggers google response

    Google Native client will be platform independant. which means you can run it all in Apple, Windows and Linux... Google's claim is that it wants full reach for their Ads,as the Web has already become platform independant.

    Google OS will be OPEN SOURCES, FREE and no worries of vendor lock in.... of course there are people that think Google has gotten too big and a data hog... but at least the OS will be Open Sources.

    Gone will be the days of BOTNETS, which threaten ecommerce... Google is partnering with everyone NOT Microsoft... which equates to one thing... more Ads for Google...and a NEW OS paradigm for the worldd.

    yes, javascript right now is a but slow.. but in recent times it has seen a

  • Re:Ads (Score:2, Funny)

    by Sarten-X (1102295) on Monday September 14, 2009 @03:29PM (#29417859) Homepage

    User Friendly is not a comic strip. It's a reality TV series encoded in static serialized graphical form.

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