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Linux-Based Gaming Handheld To Rely On Low Material Cost, Indie Apps 137

Posted by Soulskill
from the race-to-zero dept.
dartttt writes "Robert Pelloni and his team are working to develop an indie handheld gaming console, the 'nD,' which will run a number of indie games. The device will support 2D games only, and will run a custom-developed, embedded Linux firmware. It will have its own Game Store, which will allow users to download games. The SDK will be released soon, and is based on open source gaming standard SDL. Developers are being told that they can actually start making and compiling games on Windows, Mac and Linux using a 320x240 resolution."
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Linux-Based Gaming Handheld To Rely On Low Material Cost, Indie Apps

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  • by msauve (701917) on Monday June 27, 2011 @06:41PM (#36590442)
    It consists of a 4 x 13 orthogonal matrix of 2d symbolic tokens. With these, one can play an almost limitless variety of games - even 3D ones! People are free to develop their own games. No batteries or source of electricity needed, it runs off of mechanical energy provided by the player(s). It can be produced for less than $1, with very low tech (no chip fab needed).

    I call it "cards."

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