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Censorship Australia Games Your Rights Online

Australian Government Bans New Syndicate Game 115

Posted by Soulskill
from the yes-this-again dept.
An anonymous reader writes "It looks like the Australian Government's move to introduce a new R18+ classification for adult video games hasn't yet taken force, with video game maker EA confirming today that its reboot of the classic Syndicate series has been banned in Australia due to extreme violence. Left 4 Dead, Mortal Kombat and now Syndicate — what game will be banned next in Australia is anybody's guess."
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Australian Government Bans New Syndicate Game

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  • by Sycraft-fu (314770) on Wednesday December 21, 2011 @04:54AM (#38445876)

    Downloading it and not paying for it is really punishing the publisher, and it isn't their fault. The Australian government is the one causing the problems. Now if you can't import the US/UK version without risking jail/a fine then ok, maybe it is your only way to play. But if importation is possible, it would seem that is the way to go. Show the AUS government how stupid their policies are and support game makers.

  • by sg_oneill (159032) on Wednesday December 21, 2011 @04:56AM (#38445898)

    I dont really understand how its punishing the publisher in this case. Like any piracy, there isn't any theft (piracy isn't theft unless you somehow take someone elses copy of them) , but unlike regular piracy, there isn't even an oportunity lost. There can be no lost transaction when the publisher *cant* make a transaction in the first place.

    Its literally victimless in all known senses.

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