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Double Fine Adventure Will Be Available DRM Free For IOS, Android 117

Posted by timothy
from the wishing-for-an-open-source-sunset-clause dept.
New submitter Garth Smith writes "Tim Schafer has a video update for his crowdsourced project, Double Fine Adventure. Because of the nearly $2 million in funding, the budget is now large enough for language translations, voice acting, music, and more platforms. The XBox and PS3 are absent. I wonder what would the chances of a DRM-free release have been if funding had come from a traditional publisher?"
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Double Fine Adventure Will Be Available DRM Free For IOS, Android

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  • by IamGarageGuy 2 (687655) on Thursday February 16, 2012 @03:53PM (#39064641) Journal
    I would believe that this project would not be able to come from a traditional publisher on the basis that a "traditional publisher" nowadays feels that a game is not able to survive without DRM. Behold the brave new world of independant publishing ( am i showing my optimism there?)
  • by Garth Smith (1720052) on Thursday February 16, 2012 @05:34PM (#39066171) Homepage

    I *donated* to Double Fine because of Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert's reputation for making great adventure games. I fully realize that new game developers would not have the same success on Kickstarter. There is a benefit to putting in the time and effort to build a reputation! I find that myself I have much more opportunities available to me now than I did at 18. I realize that is because others feel more comfortable gambling on me when I can show that gamble has paid off in the past.

    Also, Kickstarter is not for investing money. And even the best investments can fail horribly. At least Double Fine promises an interesting documentary out of it!

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