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Leaked Document Hints At Augmented Reality Glasses For Future Xbox 86

Posted by timothy
from the leak-or-trial-balloon-is-the-constant-question dept.
An anonymous reader writes "A 56-page leaked document details Microsoft's plans to build a Project Glass competitor. Kinect Glasses is marked as a 2014 project designed to connect to a future Xbox 720 console. The document also includes potential pricing for the next Xbox — $299 with a Kinect 2."
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Leaked Document Hints At Augmented Reality Glasses For Future Xbox

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  • by houghi (78078) on Sunday June 17, 2012 @05:45AM (#40350299)

    As a kid, we already had Augmented Reality in game-play.

    We played soldiers, cowboys and Indians and any other game.
    OK, instead of a 17 button game console controller, we used a stick and instead of Augmented Reality Glasses we used our imagination, but still.

    Now get of my lawn.

Thrashing is just virtual crashing.