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Sony PlayStation (Games)

Sony Announces 'Superslim' PS3 165

Posted by Soulskill
from the you-misspelled-ps4 dept.
Sony kicked off the Tokyo Game Show today by announcing a new, even smaller version of the PlayStation 3. It's 25% smaller than the PS3 Slim and half the size of the original PS3. It will be available next week. The company also announced that the PlayStation Plus subscription service will finally be added to the PS Vita in November, providing automatic game updates and extra storage. "Sony also revealed that the long-awaited PlayStation Mobile service will launch via the PlayStation Store on October 3, with support from Sharp and Fujitsu who have both joined the PlayStation Certified license program."
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Sony Announces 'Superslim' PS3

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  • by tuppe666 (904118) on Wednesday September 19, 2012 @03:44AM (#41384123)

    I think current PS3 owners will be made up with the continuing support from Sony. Personally as someone who expected to own a PS3 by now, having lusted after it at launch, but scoffed at its ludicrous price [I bought a wii]. My problem was never the size...I have a 40" TV, and the last reversion was as small as I could have ever wanted it.

    But today my attention is focused elsewhere because the PS3 failed to live up to its promise
    * As a multimedia centre having never contained an inbuilt decent Dual TV tuner [I have an ageing Pentium 4 under my TV]
    * As a computer crippling the Linux on launch, and dropping it once they failed to get the tax break they deserved, and haven't returned it post Surface.
    * Its not smart. In a world that knows smart. Google knows it. Apple knows; I think even Sony knows it.

    I bought an Ouya on kickstarter., a Nexus 7, I traded in my Nintendo DS for an Xperia Play[Its wonderful and from Sony], and am occupying myself with the revival of Indie Gaming on Linux no Less[Humble Bundle 6!!!! is out this week].

    Sony could have had my money and I was/am desperate to give it them. It could have my money today, but as a single purpose device, I'll take my gaming...and money elsewhere.

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