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Gabe Newell Confirms Source 2 Engine 88

Posted by samzenpus
from the coming-soon dept.
dotarray writes "Valve's Gabe Newell has confirmed that they are building the Source 2 engine, but haven't yet had the game to roll it out with. From the article: 'If you're not smiling yet, you'll definitely be doing so after you hear how the announcement was made. It was Gabe Newell's birthday on November 3rd, and 4Chan's /v/ (videogames) board decided to pay him a surprise visit. In addition to an enormous birthday card signed by many of /v/'s regulars, they also gave him an an actual Mann-Co crate, which he had to pay $2.50 to unlock in order to receive the gift of a combat helmet similar to the one worn by the Team Fortress 2 soldier. Irony at its best.'"
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Gabe Newell Confirms Source 2 Engine

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  • by DevTechb (2772901) on Monday November 12, 2012 @03:55PM (#41959517)
    Don't read this if you don't want to know before announcement, but the next Valve game will have a 3 in its name!
    • by Anonymous Coward on Monday November 12, 2012 @03:59PM (#41959549)

      Left 4 Dead 3 it is then.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      So, it's Portal 3?!

    • by AaronLS (1804210)

      I wonder if they'll call other games silly things like Counter-Strike: Source 2 and TF: Source 2

      • by Tr3vin (1220548)
        It depends, will they release a new port of the game using the newer Source 2 engine? If so, the new name is a logical way of differentiating between the two.
      • I wonder if they'll call other games silly things like Counter-Strike: Source 2 and TF: Source 2

        Given that they have Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2 already, your names seem a bit off... it's be Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Source 2 and Team Fortress 2: Source 2.

        • by AaronLS (1804210)

          Good point. Probably will drive extra sales when someone's who isn't familiar with the franchise, hears about it from a friend and goes online and buys 3 other games before they buy the right one.

          Maybe they'll sell them in a pack together called:
          Ridiculous Names Source 2: FYI There Was No One

    • Nonsense; we all know it's going to be half-life 2 episode 2.1!
    • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

      Yeah, it's bee "The 3 Musketeers", followed by "The 3 Musketeers 2", followed by something completely different.

    • Valve hasn't had a Half-Life game since the Orange Box made its way to consoles. I don't think that is a coincidence. I think Valve realized that current-gen consoles are limited. They had to squeeze Source onto existing hardware, and it didn't leave much room for innovation.

      I think what you're going to see is Valve negotiate with Sony and Microsoft with the next-gen of consoles in the 2013 holiday season. Either they allow Steam to operate on their networks and consoles directly, or Valve comes to market w

      • by X0563511 (793323)

        Portal is Half-Life. Don't forget that.

        • They exist in the same universe on some level (Portal references Black Mesa), but they are different franchises.

        • by Hatta (162192)

          Portal is Half-Life in the same way that Ultima Underworld is Ultima or Privateer is Wing Commander, or Heroes of Might and Magic is Might and Magic. Loosely related, but not the same at all.

          • Re:Next Valve Game (Score:4, Insightful)

            by milbournosphere (1273186) on Monday November 12, 2012 @05:25PM (#41960269)
            They may be loosely related NOW, but one could predict that there might be a crossing of plot-arcs in HL3. Episode 2 seems to imply that players will soon be visiting the Borealis, which may or may not contain a trip to a testing chamber of some kind. Will we meet GlaDOS? Probably not. But if I had to guess, I'd think that we'll be seeing a lot more than references to Aperture Science in Half Life 3.
            • by X0563511 (793323)

              Not to mention Black Mesa is (repeatedly) referred to as a competitor to Aperture Science.

              I fully expect the two divergent plots to merge. Keeping in mind that (spoiler):

              You do escape, in Portal 2, bringing the gravity gun and your leg braces out into the world. Who knows where it goes from there? Only Valve's writers.

              • I fully expect the two divergent plots to merge. Keeping in mind that (spoiler):

                Yeah, that's what we said about Half Life: Opposing Force, and apparently now it never officially happened.

                • I fully expect the two divergent plots to merge. Keeping in mind that (spoiler):

                  Yeah, that's what we said about Half Life: Opposing Force, and apparently now it never officially happened.

                  I think this is a different situation, in that Opposing Force was developed primarily by Gearbox (if I recall correctly), as opposed to the Portal franchise, which is developed by Valve itself.

                  • Well, Portal is developed by Valve in the sense CounterStrike was developed by Valve: they hired the team that developed Narbacular Drop [].
                    • by EvanED (569694)

                      That's not really true at all; according to Wikipedia [], CounterStrike hit beta 4 before Valve got involved, and didn't fully acquire (2000) it until after its first release (1999).

                      By contrast, while Narbacular Drop was the genesis of Portal, Valve hired that team before development of Portal really began. Narbacular Drop is an impressive student project -- but as an actually published game it'd be pretty awful. The ideas were developed quite a bit for Portal beyond what Narbacular Drop did.

                      "Portal is Narbacu

                    • "Portal is Narbacular Drop" in true only in the same sense that, say, "HL1 is Doom" is true.

                      Yet Doom and Half Life were not developed by the same team, I understand it's not the same case with Gearbox because they're not owned by valve. Opposing force was an amazing game that not many people played, so it's a shame to see it abandoned like that.

              • by chaboud (231590)

                Please, please, please, please, please let the portal gun exist in multi-player, except you only control one side of the portal. Holding control of one half is exclusive to holding control of the other. Comedy effin' gold.

              • You do escape, in Portal 2,


                bringing the gravity gun and your leg braces out into the world.

                I assume you mean the portal gun not the gravity gun (which was a half live 2 thing) and the long fall boots not the "leg braces" (which were a portal 1 thing).

                IIRC in the ending cutscene it's not made clear whether you are still carrying the portalgun and wearing the long fall boots when you leave the facility or not.

    • by gman003 (1693318)

      Not if the rumors of a new Ricochet are true!

      Or if it's a completely new franchise, as has been legitimately rumored.

    • Seriously a class action lawsuit is a shakedown? It costs them money? Both can be true, but limiting the consumer's legal choices is also a shakedown that ends up costing the consumer individually, which is what a class action is meant to protect against.

    • They still have to release Ricochet 2, Opposing force 2, and Blue shift 2 before they're completely out of 2's. There are probably others.
    • Re:Next Valve Game (Score:4, Insightful)

      by wisnoskij (1206448) on Monday November 12, 2012 @05:40PM (#41960399) Homepage

      That is seemingly less and less likely.
      By now Gabe hates three is obviously not just a stupid joke. They must being trying to not make games with 3 in their name, because the likely hood of it going on this long just by change is too big.

      My money is on Half life 2, Episode 2, Part 2 for the next game they release.

    • And, in a surprise twist, Valve announces the "Three-Pack of Awesome": three games in one package, each of which is intended to be the start of a new franchise.

    • by HCase (533294)

      TF3: The Rise of Pyro

    • by dywolf (2673597)

      Half-Life 2 Episode 3?
      Left 4 Dead 3?
      Portla 3?
      Team Fortress 3?

      doesn't matter. Still wont come out for another 10 years.

    • by dywolf (2673597)

      Honestly dont really care. Valve has been so lackluster with committment to completion since HL2 that I've ceased caring about their releases. If it releases, it releases, but I dont pay attention or anticipate it. Better things to do.'

      It's like the opposite problem that 3DRealms had with Duke Nukem 4. Whereas the guy leading 3DRealms was overly committed to just this one game, and killed it by constantly insisting it had to include every new feature under the sun....Valve has a guy who cant committ to fini

  • Slashdot (Score:4, Interesting)

    by GeneralTurgidson (2464452) on Monday November 12, 2012 @04:00PM (#41959555)
    Bringing you the news from last week, today!
  • Just a suggestion! Would keep with the progression.
    Though, you're going to have to finish Episode 3 first.
  • N.Y.N. (Score:5, Insightful)

    by CanHasDIY (1672858) on Monday November 12, 2012 @04:18PM (#41959717) Homepage Journal
    Not Yet News.

    Wake me when Valve starts getting talkative about specs.
    • by gl4ss (559668)

      wake me up when they have shipped and patched it.

      that you can freeze explosions is not a good feature.

    • imho when you hear it straight form gabes mouth is as good as news.
  • this will be the first time Valve creates a game or engine that doesn't result in massive headaches and nausea for a segment of the population....
    • by chispito (1870390)

      this will be the first time Valve creates a game or engine that doesn't result in massive headaches and nausea for a segment of the population....

      What segment? The developers?

    • by Nyder (754090)

      this will be the first time Valve creates a game or engine that doesn't result in massive headaches and nausea for a segment of the population....

      I am someone who gets motion sickness easy, and none of valve games have ever done that to me. In fact, I've never even heard that was an issue, until you said something, so I think you are making it up.

  • by 93 Escort Wagon (326346) on Monday November 12, 2012 @04:57PM (#41959991)

    So that means his birthday party was overrun with 12-year-olds?

  • That is my guess for the title of the next game Valve releases.

  • Company bases new product on previous product, increments version number by one...

    It's just 'one better' isn't it?
  • by TigerTime (626140) on Monday November 12, 2012 @06:55PM (#41961309)

    I have a feeling:
    1. The are going to focus on OpenGL with this engine. They've already ported much of their Source engine to Mac and now Linux. I just have a feeling that they are going to go ALL-IN on OpenGL this time so it is completely platform independent. I think it'll even have a Source 2 - Mobile Edition Engine for iPhones and Android devices. They want to be able to have their games/interface on all aspects of desktop and mobile computing environments. One engine to rule them all.

    2. I think that they work with a partner manufacturer to release a Steam Box. They've not only created Steam Linux, but they've created a "Big Picture" button for easy viewing/navigation from the living room. They want to compete against the PS3 and the XBox. If they can create a distro and/or sell a little linux box themselves for the living room, they'll do it. There's huge potential for the living room.

    3. With this push of these two huge ventures listed above, what better way to draw excitement than to release Half-Life 3, Portal 3, Counter-Strike 3, Left 4 Dead 3, and Team Fortress 3 all at the same time.

    There's a reason Source has been lagging behind some of the other engines lately as well as games that should have been released a long time ago. They have huge plans in the pipeline that have me very excited, but it's taking a lot of retooling and coordinating. It's definitely not as trivial as updating the engine for DirectX 11 features.

    • I wonder if they will open up to modders again.

      The early source engine games were modded by recompiling a dll but afaict since source 2009 (the first version with mac support) the source needed to do that is no longer released. Later source games introduced scripting functionality but afaict it's really designed for putting small ammounts of inteligence into a level, not building new enemies, weapons etc.

  • Gabe never confirmed Source 2. He said "We’ve been working on Valve’s new engine stuff for a while, we're probably just waiting for a game to roll it out with".

    That's promising, but it sounds more to me like a further evolution of Source the way they've been doing it so far.

    We'll see soon(TM) enough.

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