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School Shooting Prompts Legislation To Study Violent Video Games 1168

New submitter seepho writes "Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) has introduced a bill directing the National Academy of Sciences to lead an investigation to determine what impact violent video games have on children. Senator Rockefeller commented, 'Recent court decisions demonstrate that some people still do not get it. They believe that violent video games are no more dangerous to young minds than classic literature or Saturday morning cartoons. Parents, pediatricians, and psychologists know better. These court decisions show we need to do more and explore ways Congress can lay additional groundwork on this issue. This report will be a critical resource in this process.'" This legislation was prompted by reports that Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza was a gamer. A draft of the bill is available online.
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School Shooting Prompts Legislation To Study Violent Video Games

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  • Starcraft. (Score:5, Funny)

    by Xaositecte (897197) on Wednesday December 19, 2012 @02:36PM (#42339047) Journal

    There have been reports that Adam Lanza obsessively played Call of Duty and Starcraft before he went on a shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., last Friday.

    Starcraft? Seriously? That breeds killers?

  • by Intropy (2009018) on Wednesday December 19, 2012 @02:43PM (#42339157)

    You remember the inquisition? I think we got ourselves a witch here, boys.

  • by Antipater (2053064) on Wednesday December 19, 2012 @02:52PM (#42339325)

    Of course! Think about it. A swarming, bloodthirsty race spreads from its blazingly hot, otherwise-lifeless homeland across the sector, devouring or perverting everything in its path. After they destroy a civilized human base, do you know what they do with the remnant? They infest it. They implant their essence into the base's very core, and turn it into a breeding factory - for suicide bombers! Poor, twisted versions of what was once human, with no free will, their only actions for the glory of Mohamm - I mean, the Overmind.

    Starcraft is obviously an Islamic plot to destroy the US and Western Civilization.

  • by tmosley (996283) on Wednesday December 19, 2012 @02:57PM (#42339417)
    Putting in perspective is not allowed. There are agendas to push here!
  • by iamhassi (659463) on Wednesday December 19, 2012 @03:08PM (#42339609) Journal
    I play video games. Now I eat flowers and throw fireballs.
  • by Hythlodaeus (411441) on Wednesday December 19, 2012 @03:32PM (#42339971)

    Adam Lanza brushed his teeth. Clearly, toothpaste causes school shootings.

  • by 0111 1110 (518466) on Wednesday December 19, 2012 @05:55PM (#42342129)

    To me, high capacity magazines are important for defending ourselves against the government itself. Out of control police officers. Crazy laws. We are all human beings and we should all have the same basic right to protect ourselves, or if we have to die, at least to be able to take down some of our killers.

    If a weapon is available to police agencies it should be available to civilians as well. Despite what law enforcement likes to believe we are not second class citizens. It's always only the civilians who are supposed to be left with (single edged) knives and baseball bats to defend ourselves against opponents with every high tech firearm known to man.

    A police officer committed a violent crime against me, but I cannot report him because he would almost certainly come to my house and gun me down. He has already tried to kill me once. If I at least had some decent weapons to defend myself against him I might be more inclined to risk my life and do the right thing by reporting him. As it is he will just continue to hurt and terrorize people and everyone will be afraid to report him.

    For defending yourself against burglars or car jackers a handgun is generally sufficient. For protecting yourself against the police or other government agents who routinely wear ballistic vests that make most handguns almost useless you need more serious weaponry.

    Next time a group of cops break into the wrong house and shoot down a family and their dog will I be hearing cries that only the military should have firearms? That tazers should be more than sufficient for the vast majority of law enforcement officers? People would protest that cops have the right to protect themselves. Well guess, what? So do we. Is a cop's life worth more than a civilian's life? Not to me.

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