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Resurrecting the Linux Game Tome 26

Posted by timothy
from the taking-a-stab-in-the-dark dept.
First time accepted submitter jakimfett writes "On April 13th, The Linux Game Tome will be going dark, but there's hope yet. The admin, BobZ, has an update for the community: 'To everyone who is expressing interest in helping to continue The Linux Game Tome: thank you! But don't tell me, tell the community! After this site is shut down, I will walk away from it. I have no plans to be involved in any effort to continue the Linux Game Tome legacy. If you are interested in continuing the legacy, please organize and make it happen.' Following the announcement was an email with some 'Linux Game Tome 3.0' information. In response to the email, I've set up a site that can act as a discussion platform for anyone interested in contributing to the project."
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Resurrecting the Linux Game Tome

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  • by santax (1541065) on Monday April 08, 2013 @04:57AM (#43389245)
    First off, I love the game tomb and I love the guy for putting it up and making it work. However he is making it harder than it should be to take over. He said he is going to upload the database dump but hasn't done so yet. To make matters worse, he won't give the current source of the site. It would be so easy for me to host this site as is. No problem. But I don't have time to write a complete new site. In his defense though, he is willing to transfer the domain itself. I just wished he would let me or somebody else host the site until someone comes along that does have the time to write a new site for the data. At least we would be able to check the site. Something I do often, even yesterday I found myself looking there for gems I might have missed. This is no way meant to attack the guy, not at all, but it would make things a lot easier.

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