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EVE Online Getting TV, Comic Book Adaptations 81

Posted by Soulskill
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CCP Games, creators of the successful space MMORPG EVE Online, have announced they will be harvesting stories from within the game to create comic books, a TV series, and possibly even films set in the EVE universe. EVE has never set records for the size of its userbase, but it's long been known as a game that generates some of the best emergent gameplay in the industry. From battles involving thousands of players to in-game confidence schemes involving currency worth tens of thousands of real dollars, it's likely you've heard about players' exploits even if you haven't played the game. CCP is now looking to bring the EVE universe to a wider audience, and rather than having a group of writers dictate all of the lore, they're letting the players take part. They've set up a site where users can share their tales and vote on those of others. CCP has partnered with Dark Horse Comics to make a comic book out of the stories, and with a production company to make a live-action TV show.
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EVE Online Getting TV, Comic Book Adaptations

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  • by ThePeices (635180) on Saturday April 27, 2013 @06:27PM (#43570467)

    ...for this to go down in history with the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.

    Me neither. Its inevitable considering how internet spaceships and fantasy sword and sorcery are so alike in almost every way imaginable.

    Remember, CCP Games had to change the name of the game to EvE because they were about to get sued for copyright and trademark infringement for the word-for-word similarity that Dungeons and Dragons has to EvE Online. Almost every person who has ever seen these two games side by side actually cannot tell them apart, such is the similarity in evidence here.

  • by Greyfox (87712) on Saturday April 27, 2013 @07:06PM (#43570695) Homepage Journal
    A new pilot will spend the entire first half of the movie downloading skills into his brain, then will spend the rest of the movie mining an asteroid, only to have his can stolen by some guy in a destroyer.

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