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Anxiety Gaming Wants To Offer Mental Help Via Game Console 63

An Ominous Cow Erred writes "In an odd approach to reaching out to otherwise shut-in sufferers of mental distress, an organization called Anxiety Gaming is betting that online intervention is the best way to reach people with emotional difficulties. Their argument is that the social nature of modern gaming makes it a valid means of reaching people who might not otherwise seek help through more traditional channels. According to their Facebook page, their future intentions seem to include distributing consoles to homes for foster youth, to encourage them to look to games for positival interpersonal communication."
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Anxiety Gaming Wants To Offer Mental Help Via Game Console

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  • I'm too bashful to go play with these guys. Now what do I do?

    • by unitron (5733)

      I'm too bashful to go play with these guys. Now what do I do?

      Start your own company catering to those with your problem. Get stinking rich.

  • by Anonymous Coward


    Of all the types of communication I've had through an online game, positival is the word farthest from the reality.

  • by Viol8 (599362) on Monday June 17, 2013 @05:56AM (#44027449) Homepage

    "Give kids toys and they're happier for 5 minutes".

    But I'm afraid that kids who have deep seating anxiety or other mental health issues need help thats a bit deeper than this well meaning but rather naive approach.

    • by PolygamousRanchKid (1290638) on Monday June 17, 2013 @06:51AM (#44027611)

      "Give kids toys and they're happier for 5 minutes".

      "But teach kids how to masturbate, and they'll be happy for a lifetime!"

    • by Millennium (2451)

      Yeah, I've got to say; there's nothing wrong with a little escapism, but as a mode of therapy I don't think this is going to end well at all.

      Games don't make people go nuts. Every minute spent gaming is a minute spent not seeking help, but that can be said for all sorts of activities, and gaming is no more harmful than any of those. But it doesn't help either; that much is becoming clearer with every study. We still don't understand exactly why online interactions can't substitute for real, interpersonal, f

  • by Anonymous Coward

    As someone who could have used a hand when I was younger, and now suffers from a 'spectrum' of disorders, I can tell you a little can go a long way. Maintenance is the only problem, that is, some form of continuing support but in the long run, catching something early on and giving a hand out to someone on the verge of breaking down can probably pull a good number of them back.

    There are large numbers of issues our species is coming to terms with in our online existence. The world is now becoming our communi

    • What I have discovered is that when you are anxious, your body is wired to self-destruct.
      I find as one grows older, the physical side effects get worse. When you are young and anxious/depressed, you might be catatonic, you might not sleep well, but you bounce back. When you get older, now you've got things like constant IBS, nevermind the lack of sleep catches up with you. In short, a vicious circle. As we know now too, such illnesses can fuck up everything from how the body processes fat, releases insulin,

  • Despite volumes of information on how things like depression and anxiety are both physical and mental, sometimes inheritable, linked to genes that regulate serotonin, linked to biological (hormonal eg glucocorticoid) markers, and have drastic physical consequences on the body in terms of elevated stress responses that affect a manifold of parasympathetic CNS responses, and with that increased risk of major illnesses, despite all the information in the world detailing how it is real, you'll still find lots of people who claim it isn't, or that people are just making it up to be victims. They don't get that the brain is a physical thing, and what happens to it affects YOU, everything you do, your decisions, emotions, etc. It's almost like they are naive dualists who don't know they are espousing dualism.
    I mean the top rated posts in this thread are great, but you know the types, the ones who give out terrible and useless advice. It's ironic how mental health issues turn ordinary people who claim to like science into much the same as creationists: utilizing straw men, attacking caricatures of real science, doing anything but addressing the real issues the science brings up.
    And yes, as others have hinted, one can be incredibly intelligent, productive, one can be anything really, and still fall victim to it. /end rant

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