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Video Games Charity Raises Over $10 Million 50

Posted by samzenpus
from the good-cause dept.
jones_supa writes "Gaming for Good, a charity established and fronted by celebrity gamer Bachir 'Athene' Boumaaza, has this week passed the significant milestone. At time of writing the group's tally stands at a tame $10 million. It works like this: game publishers donate games to the charity, without asking for profit. Regular folks buy points, which can then be exchanged to games on the website. Finally the money used to buy the points goes to charity. So in one way they're really just buying games, but instead of the money going to publishers, it's going to a good cause. Money raised is going to the international charity Save The Children, where it can be used on health programs in Malawi, Indonesia and Bangladesh."
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Video Games Charity Raises Over $10 Million

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  • by ElectricTurtle (1171201) on Friday December 27, 2013 @07:21AM (#45794861)
    I don't know that I would trust this guy. At least Child's Play has an established record, and they've raised $17 million since inception.

    Also this guy's s/o is way out there... she tried to trade BJs for votes to get elected to the Belgian senate, and offered to take the virginity of any neckbeard who 'defended net neutrality'.

    I think the only reason this has gained any significant traction is the "reward" people get for "donating". Though really all that means is that it's the game publishers who are donating, and the people buying games are just buying games. So... congrats? I guess it's better to buy from a charity than Walmart, but still, given the background of these people I wouldn't be surprised if some scandal emerged eventually.
  • by ElectricTurtle (1171201) on Friday December 27, 2013 @08:20AM (#45795051)
    What I say is not bullshit. The guy's s/o is Tania Derveaux and her 'antics' are well recorded. I have a hard time trusting somebody who gets into a serious relationship with a person on record as trying to buy votes with blowjobs. (Even if that's potentially more honest and ethical than most political behavior.)
  • by Charliemopps (1157495) on Friday December 27, 2013 @10:02AM (#45795465)

    It's simple. The games of no value to the publisher anymore. It would cost them time and money to make it open source or otherwise available for free. By giving it to the charity they get a tax deduction which will cover all the legal costs. The charity gets a bit of cash, the Game doesn't disappear from history and you get to play a game you otherwise would have had to pirate.

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