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Wildstar To Launch On June 3 64

Posted by Soulskill
from the movin'-on-up dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Carbine Studios, a game company founded by former Blizzard developers, has been working on a new sci-fi MMORPG called Wildstar. The game has now gotten a release date: June 3rd. Rock, Paper, Shotgun's preview described the game thus: 'it's trying to out-MMO every other MMO. Not with big talk of moving narratives or ever-changing worlds, but by ramping up the unreal theme pack nature of its peers and predecessors. This is a game where you're constantly presented with a legion of things to do, numbers to increase, boxes to tick, things to collect, factions to impress, points to earn, monsters air-dropped in to battle without warning and/or preferably all of the above simultaneously. It might even be too much, too overwhelming in its parade of sideshows.'"
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Wildstar To Launch On June 3

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  • To summarize (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Stickerboy (61554) on Wednesday March 12, 2014 @06:01PM (#46469331) Homepage

    This is a game where you're constantly presented with a legion of things to do, numbers to increase, boxes to tick, things to collect, factions to impress, points to earn, monsters air-dropped in to battle without warning and/or preferably all of the above simultaneously.

    So this is the most job-like game on the internet?? Awesome! Sign me up.

    Less facetiously, I didn't think the answer to the common complaint of, "We're sick of killing 10 generic monsters to collect 5 generic trophies to advance a quest" was, "Here's more stuff to grind!"

  • So . . . (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Traciatim (1856872) on Wednesday March 12, 2014 @06:04PM (#46469357)
    In other words: Welcome to the grind fest, where if it doesn't consume your entire life then you lose.
  • No Linux client (Score:4, Insightful)

    by future assassin (639396) on Wednesday March 12, 2014 @06:09PM (#46469393) Homepage

    no money. Thanks for playing...

    • by Type44Q (1233630)

      no money. Thanks for playing...

      Damn straight.

    • by Mirar (264502)

      Ah, that's actually annoying. A Linux client would have been a complete win.

  • Not as a game, mind you... I got bored out of my skull way before level 10... but the marketing videos were super. I enjoyed those. Had they made this franchise into a 3D cartoon instead of an MMO, I think they might have hit a veritable gold vein.

    But as an MMO? No thanks. I have better things to do... such as staring at my wallpaper.

  • by argStyopa (232550) on Thursday March 13, 2014 @06:57AM (#46471945) Journal

    Granted this was beta, but here's what I found:

    - a slavish determination to mimic World of Warcraft's aesthetic. Unsurprising, since the dev team AFAIK largely came from Blizzard. IMO this is a little too slavish, coming off like "WoW sci fi with guns". To me it's jarring that you have nicely-detailed characters with hi-rez textures, but you're running around a world with a klunky geometry that screams "this is all computers can handle in 2004". TF2 showed that you could adhere to a non-representational, 'cartoony' theme without necessarily deliberately going so far as to mimic the design compromises of a decade ago.

    - Obviously this is entirely subjective, but there's a very fine line between quirky/kitschy and cheesy. The "bad guys" n00b island story line in Wildstar is cheesy; the good guys story is cheesy AND sappy. WoW had a certain sort of self-referential humor to a lot of what it did (at its best), and that has seemed to dominate latter releases *cough* *cough* Pandas *cough*. Wildstar continues this unfortunate narrative/editorial choice, with everything from animations to storyline being so "over the top" that it has to be self-mocking (with the 'good guy' side adding a further drippy saccharine layer of narrative - the tutorial quest has you saving a guy's pregnant wife...)

    - They've already very much adopted the modern-mmo paradigm of "go to quest hub, get a bunch of quests, complete those quests, move to next hub". There's almost never (at least in the first 12-15 levels) a point where you go backward, for any reason. Everything is very conveniently placed; when you hit a place where you level up, there's a new-skill trainer already waiting for you.

    - Some clever design ideas in UI, communicating what enemies are doing and what you're doing (and the area effects) clearly and intuitively.

    It's WoW40k, nothing more, nothing less. Personally, I don't find the modern design choices in MMOs for 'everything to be easy' to be interesting or engaging, but that's not Wildstar's fault at all. They're very solidly in the current mainstream.

  • I played the beta, and I was not very impressed. If this had come out five or six years ago, I'd be much more excited about it. I played each class, and brought them out of the starting area, but I never really felt like there was any conflict, and it never really kept my attention. The game has some interesting mechanics, but I feel like they attempted to not "be WoW" to the extent that the enjoyment was watered down. Plus, there's the subscription. As it stands, after playing Guild Wars 2, I've seen how
  • So is it a good game to roleplay in?

    Or is LoTRO _still_ sadly best for that aspect?

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