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Killing Zombies In VR With the Latest Version of Project Holodeck At E3 2014 23

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the why-bother-with-the-real-world dept.
muterobert (2927951) writes with an update on the full immersion VR system from Project Holodeck (now renamed Survios). The system combines an Oculus DK2 with external sensors to make a fully immersive 8x'8' space "Ben Lang from Road to VR goes hands on and heads in with virtual reality technology company Survios' newest version of untethered VR system 'Prime 3'. He moves around the virtual space, holding and reloading weapons as you would in real life. 'At one point while playing, I was wielding the shotgun with two hands, with the table of weapons was on my right side. Several zombies were approaching and I needed a bit more fire power. I dropped the shotgun, reached over with my right hand to grab the tommy gun off the table, then virtually tossed it from my right hand to my left hand (because I'm a lefty), then pulled my pistol out of the holster with my right hand and continued to shoot both weapons.'" The article has a video, and it almost makes me think it's what being in the metaverse would be like.
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Killing Zombies In VR With the Latest Version of Project Holodeck At E3 2014

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  • Looks like fun, but the gear is at a nice bulky stage. lol. While the backpack probably wasn't that bad, that headgear seamed crazy.

    But whatever, I want.

    • by JMJimmy (2036122)

      I can't say as I have any interest in VR... sure it's an experience but like Kinect it's too involved. Gaming is relaxation for me - not moving around with a stupid rig on. Give me a controller, a screen, and something comfy to sit on.

      If I wanted a realistic combat sim I'd go paintballing.

  • !Porn (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Thanshin (1188877) on Wednesday June 11, 2014 @10:38AM (#47212255)

    It is not porn.

    As long as it keeps being not porn it won't have the required money to put one on every living room.

    Someone smart and a bit rich must make the porn version of this and become much richer and famous.

    (Unless someone finds a way to turn this into an exercise machine.)

    • It can be both!

    • As long as it keeps being not porn it won't have the required money to put one on every living room.

      It won't be porn that puts VR in every living room. It will be family oriented entertainment from companies like Disney --- and you won't need a helmet. Living rooms are where you socialize with your guests, your wife and kids.

      The adult who cosplays Darth Vader and Booba Fett at home gets exiled to the basement.

      • by CAIMLAS (41445)


        How many families do you know that congregate in the living room? Families are the minority now.

  • But that's the perfect anti-zombie weapon!

    I'd take a shottie over a Tommy gun and offhand pistol any day.

  • I don't see Holodeck and Survios in [] ... :(

  • Servios sounds like browser malware. In fact, I'm not sure that's it's not. How is that more attractive and descriptive than "project holodeck?"

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