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+ - Becoming a game designer, best first steps? 1

Submitted by todd10k
todd10k (889348) writes "i've recently decided to go back to college. I have alot of experience with games, having played them for most of my adult life, and have always toyed with the idea of making them one day. I've finally decided to give it my best. What i need to know is, what are the best languages to study? What is the minimum diploma or degree that most game's company accept? Finally, Is C++ the way to go? ASP? LUA?"
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Becoming a game designer, best first steps?

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  • It's been said by other posters that you've mixed up designer, developer and programmer. The differences have been explained, so i'll leave that alone. I think perhaps what you might want to ask yourself is what kind of games are you interested in making and in what kind of environment do you want to work.

    Puzzle games for the phones? First person shooters for consoles? Real-time strategy for computer? RPG for handhelds?

    Small projects with development teams of less than ten people? Major

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