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+ - Apple blurs the server line with Mac mini Server 1

Submitted by
Toe, The
Toe, The writes "On Tuesday, Apple announced several new hardware offerings, including a new Mac mini, their (almost-literally) pint-sized desktop computer. In a bizarre twist, they are now also offering a Mac mini with Mac OS X Server bundled-in, along with a two hard drives somehow stuffed into the tiny package. Undoubtedly, many in the IT community will scoff at the thought of calling such a device a "server." However, with the robust capabilities of Snow Leopard Server (a true, if highly-GUI, UNIX server), it seems likely to find a niche in small businesses and even enthusiasts' homes. The almost completely guided setup process means that people can set up relatively sophisticated services without the assistance of someone who actually knows what they are doing. What the results will be in terms of security, etc. will be... interesting."
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Apple blurs the server line with Mac mini Server

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  • At $1000 dollars I would expect better. Really - think about Linux box you can build for that amount. Apple MacOSX Server is not that much easier/better than Ubuntu to warrant the premium. I am wandering who would ever buy it and why? -- File server - to expensive -- Media server - there are better stuff out there -- Development - one does not need a server.version, if you want to develop iPhone apps save yourself $200 and buy iPod touch.

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