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+ - Apple Wants Patent on Videogame Play iBooks 2

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "Patently Apple reports that a new Apple patent application has surfaced describing an application that would record your personal journey through a video game and turn it into a custom comic or iBook when you're done playing. Imagine how thrilled little Billy's Mommy would have been had she only had the chance to read the story of her son's foray into Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or see how he dealt with BioShock's Little Sisters."
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Apple Wants Patent on Videogame Play iBooks

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  • For ensuring that such a great idea will be in the total hands of a company known for its constrictions.

    Seriously, this is such an awesome idea - its a shame that software patents exist.

  • Lucasart's "Grim Fandango" saved a transcript of your game in a marked up HTML format that was a script of your game back in 1998. It's only a tiny step from there to turn it into a comic (add screen captures from the game), screenplay (add stage directions) or an eBook (add narrative), so I'm not sure that Apple's application meets the sufficiently novel requirement of a patent. Oh, wait. It's the USPTO, isn't it?

    As an aside, given the brilliant humour in the game, it's popularity and the movie makin

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