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Submission + - NCsoft sued for making Lineage II "too addicting"-> 1

An anonymous reader writes: South Korean MMO game publisher NCsoft is finding themselves facing another lawsuit, yet this one is for making games that are "too addicting." USA Lineage II player Craig Smallwood is suing the publisher for $3 million dollars because he found himself playing Lineage II for 20,000 hours over a period of 5 years. At times, his average play session would persist for over 11 hours, crippling his life and ability to function. A federal judge is allowing the court case to go forward, stating that the plaintiff has a claim for negligence and gross negligence against the publisher.
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NCsoft sued for making Lineage II "too addicting"

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  • I guess this means I can finally sue McDonald's for their burgers being too delicious (that's the real punchline of this joke) and making me fat, which has crippled my life and ability to function.

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