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United States

+ - Rupert Murdoch Publishes North Korean Made Games->

Submitted by eldavojohn
eldavojohn (898314) writes "You might recall back in June when it was noted that North Korea was developing and exporting flash games but now the isolated nation state is apparently home to some game developers that are being published by a subsidiary of News Corp. (the games being Big Lebowski Bowling and Men In Black). Nosotek Joint Venture Company is treading thin ice in the eyes of a few academics and specialists that claim the Fox News owner is 'working against U.S. policy.' Concerns grow over the potential influx of cash creating better programmers that are then leveraged in a cyberwarfare capability. Nosotek said that 'Training them to do games can't bring any harm' and asserts its innocence although details on how much of the games were developed in North Korea are sparse. While one of the poorest nations in the world could clearly use the money, it remains to be seen if hardliner opponents like the United States will treat Nosotek (and parent company News Corp.) any differently from potentially fostering an increase in computer programmers inside the DPRK. The United Nations only stipulates that cash exchanged with companies in the DPRK cannot go to companies and businesses associated with military weaponry or the arms trade. Would you feel differently about Big Lebowski Bowling if you knew it was created in North Korea?"
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Rupert Murdoch Publishes North Korean Made Games

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