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+ - PayPal withholding indie dev's 600k Euro account-> 1

Submitted by epee1221
epee1221 (873140) writes "Markus Persson, a.k.a. Notch, the developer of Minecraft posted in the development blog today that PayPal limited his account with unspecified cause on August 25th. Since then, payments for the alpha version of Minecraft have continued accumulating while Notch has been unable to withdraw them, and the account now contains over €600,000. PayPal recently told him it may take up to two more weeks for things to get sorted out and that if they conclude that there is funny business involved, they will keep the money."
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PayPal withholding indie dev's 600k Euro account

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  • Paypal? Go to the BEST site to understand EVERYTHING there is to know about Paypal frozen accounts. [] Contact them they are working with law enforcement agencies and will get the money unfrozen QUICKLY! They do not charge anything for what they do either. All they ask those they help to do is to spread their blogsite to as many people as they can to let everyone kknow about how and why Paypal does what it does! EXCELLENT INFO there for every Paypal acccount user! Notch

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