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+ - FPS Games from the 90s That Need a Remake-> 2

Submitted by kube00
kube00 (1768000) writes "With the release and successful sales of Goldeneye 007 on the Wii, this opens the doors for other 90s fps games to receie remakes. Games like Jedi Knight, Red Rampage, Tribes could all use remakes and would look great with next generation graphics. Nothing would be more satisfying then a remake of Jedi Knight that let's gamers slice Jar Jar to bits in multiplayer"
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FPS Games from the 90s That Need a Remake

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  • Do people really want this? I've found that the new GoldenEye was little more than an attempt to make a generally mediocre FPS and attempt to make money off of nostalgia.

    Although slicing Jar-Jar to bits can probably have wonderful therapeutic effects.

  • but fps seems the worst category for it, as most of the appeal is in the eye candy( or eye gore ?), and gameplay never really evolved much. i'd much rather see old non-fpses resurrected.

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