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+ - AMD's new Fusion APU tested against 25 competitors->

Submitted by crookedvulture
crookedvulture (1866146) writes "AMD's next generation of Fusion APUs has arrived. Notebook versions of the "Llano" chip were revealed a couple of weeks ago, and desktop versions have finally emerged. This highly integrated piece of 32-nm silicon boasts 2-4 CPU cores alongside a remarkably robust Radeon GPU that offers substantially better performance than Intel's integrated graphics solutions. Games that were once unplayable are now fluid and enjoyable. The chip's CPU component is less impressive, as is the high power draw of the A8-3850 processor that's making the rounds online. This review pits Llano against 25 contemporary desktop processors and examines how AMD's latest stacks up in terms of CPU performance, GPU performance, power consumption, and even overall value."
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AMD's new Fusion APU tested against 25 competitors

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