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+ - Nanoscientists find long-sought Majorana particle-> 5

Submitted by boner
boner (27505) writes "In a follow-up of an earlier Slashdot story (http://news.slashdot.org/story/12/03/01/1915236/majorana-fermion-may-have-been-spotted-at-tu-delft), scientists at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, today published their findings that they have indeed found the Majorana particle.

The announcement on the university website provides both a summary and background of this groundbreaking discovery. The page is available in both dutch and english : http://tudelft.nl/en/current/latest-news/article/detail/nanowetenschappers-vinden-langgezocht-majorana-deeltje/"

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Nanoscientists find long-sought Majorana particle

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  • There's a particle with a name so close to "marijuana" that at first glance you think it is that word?
  • Who keeps tagging this "nod"? It's not boring, retard!
    • It wasn't me, but can perhaps offer an explanation anyway. The retard you are talking about probably pressed the "+" sign in front of the article. And in all his relatedness believed that he was giving the article a "Nod of approval" And probably he pressed "-" sign to "Nix" the articles he felt boring. That is certainly the way I always thought it work as well, but what do we retards know? Or just maybe, you are wrong and we are not the retards?

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