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+ - Gamers asking GOG to sell games for Linux->

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FutureSuture writes "The story is that GOG has a community wishlist where users can submit suggestions for either games or website features and vote on these suggestions. One such suggestion submitted by a user called JudasIscariot (who just happens to be an employee of GOG) was to add Linux versions of games that GOG already sold for Windows to their catalog i.e. games like Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Unreal Tournament 2004, and Neverwinter Nights. With Linux getting more support and attention thanks to the likes of Kickstarter, the Humble Bundle, Desura, and soon Steam as well, GOG may not be that far off themselves.

JudasIscariot wrote: "If a game has a Linux version and it is made and supported by the developer please allow the option to download the Linux version if at all possible."

This entry in the GOG Community Wishlist was always to be found around the top and has collected over 4 500 votes to date. This shows that there are gamers using Linux and that they are ravenous for support. With GOG selling indie games these days where many of which have Linux and Mac versions as well, there is an increasing pressure to offer the full package. It is only a matter of time before our votes reach the folks at GOG and they begin to add Linux versions of the games they already sell for Windows. If things go well, they might even hit Linux before Steam does due to the infamous concept of Valve Time, although hopefully both of them come around sooner rather than later!

Other relevant links:

Other requests that have to do with Linux.

GOG's view on the matter so far"

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Gamers asking GOG to sell games for Linux

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