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NES (Games)

+ - Legend of Zelda NES Nintendo Prototype On Sale For 150K-> 1 1

Submitted by YokimaSun
YokimaSun writes: Following on from Last months Mega auction of rare games that went for a staggering 1.2 Million dollars, comes another auction. This time its of the only Legend of Zelda Nes Prototype cartridge in the world, bundled with it is a sealed copy of the retail version of the game, those of you excited by this news will have to dig deep because the price is set at a mouthwatering US $150,000.00.
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Legend of Zelda NES Nintendo Prototype On Sale For 150K

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  • The first game I ever got for the NES except for the SMB game that was included. We must have spent over 14 hours playing non-stop with my best friend. Looking through Nintendo Power and passing the controller back and forth as we swapped roles as the navigator.

    Do kids even play PC and console games like that anymore these days?

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